Monday, June 21, 2010

Do Not Give Yourself a Nickname

Kobe's idiocy in his insistence that we all call him the 'Black Mamba' is exceeded only by his willingness to wear a 'Black Mamba' T-shirt at the Lakers parade. First you think of Jeremy Piven telling a young John Favreau to not wear the T-shirt of the band he is going to see, sprinkled in with Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway (Clint Eastwood) telling the marines of Recon to strip off those T-shirts.

So in order to not be "that guy," Kobe should strip off that T-shirt as long as it's not the "same as me."

And yes, I realized that I pulled deep quotes and references from movies many of you have not seen. For that I apologize, but feel that it is apt.

Although, in a town where the majority of celebrities -- save the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Hilary Swank -- refuse to wear Lakers gear to Lakers games, can we really be so surprised by Kobe's self promotion of one of the worst nicknames imaginable? A nickname that many -- including yours truly -- will even acknowledge.

We are not too many summers removed from Kobe parading to all kinds of national radio shows demanding a trade, deriding Andrew Bynum and basically acting like a jagoff. So I will gladly cheer on Kobe as he delivers the Lakers another title, but stuff like the 'Black Mamba' T-shirts are a little much.



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Bain said...

Regarding sports nicknames, when Lance Rentzel played for the Vikings, he was injured so much that Bud Grant apparently called the team hot tub the "S.S. Rentzel."

Probably one of the more charitable nicknames Lance had, considering his penchant for doing the wango tango on playgrounds.

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Host Pay Per Head said...

I haven't seen him with the Black Mamba T-shirt, but Kobe is a little bit arrogant.