Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chargers WR Jackson Heading to Washington?

The relationship between the Chargers and WR Vincent Jackson does not seem like it will end well. The Chargers and Jackson have a father/son relationship similar to Marvin Gaye and his father.

And no, nobody expects any sexual healing.

General manager A.J. Smith has already moved on from Jackson (and OT Marcus McNeill) in his recent comments, as he referred to the enigmatic receiver in the past tense. There is reason to believe that Smith is sincere, and not just posturing for negotiations.

Smith has never shown himself to be a sentimental man (more like semi-mental), having released popular players such as LaDainian Tomlinson, Drew Brees, Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison (though at least two were on the downside of their careers). With DUI arrests (yes, plural) and the possibility of a looming suspension, Jackson might already be out the door in San Diego.

Kevin Acee of the Union-Tribune has suggested the Chargers won’t trade Jackson and reported a deal is not imminent, but sources still tell him that “several teams” remain interested. The Seahawks were the first team linked to Jackson, which makes a lot of sense. Seattle was in the running for Brandon Marshall.

But a new team has emerged, sources told Acee: the Redskins.

This also makes a lot of sense. The Redskins definitely have the resources to sign Jackson to a long-term deal. Jackson is reportedly seeking a “slight bump up from the four-year, $47.5 million deal Marshall received,” according to Acee.

Jackson would make a great impact on the Redskins, speaking as a pure fantasy enthusiast, giving Donovan McNabb a solid receiving threat at receiver to go with tight ends Chris Cooley and Fred Davis. Hard to imagine a more attractive fantasy option for Jackson.

But good lord, it seems like the Chargers are going out of their way to rid themselves of great players.


Kaiser said...

Jackson to seattle makes zero sense, actually. they have deion branch, TJ Housh, and whichever willians didnt get cut. they arent going to sign another high end merc JUST IN CASE 7 receievers go down again this year, puleeze.

DeAnte M said...

I agree with Kaiser. It makes no sense at all really.

Plus Jackson, has been a really deep threat for the Chargers. Getting rid of him could be horrible for their passing game.

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