Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Weak Ender: Nice Photos

Well it seems that Carrie Prejean was a year too early to the Miss USA pageant. Why are these photos even an issue for a beauty pageant that features a swimsuit competition?

Lambasting beauty pageant contests for appearing in sexy photos makes about as much sense as asking these women their thoughts on gay marriage.

We need more sexy-time photos, less talk about their thoughts on the growing deficit. More bathing suit competition, less thoughts on that oil spill and alternative fuels.

Why are you making this harder than it needs to be, people?

ANYBODY CATCH ESPN’s 30 for 30, Straight Outta LA? The movie project directed by Ice Cube about the link between the LA Raiders and NWA? To be honest, it was a little bit self-indulgent. But he did have a point at how the image of the Raiders was in concert with the early gangsta rap culture.

Of course, they had to take a shot at the Rams and Angels drawing in all of the white fans. Because Santa Ana and Anaheim have no Hispanic residents. Nor does neighboring Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Overall, the film was interesting. But this one should have been stretched into two hours. There was not enough time devoted to the Raiders bilking of the City of Irwindale. The debacle of the Hollywood Park deal. The Raiders refused to go along with it because they did not want to share with another team. Which makes sense. But the LA Coliseum Commission did not get the scorn that they deserved.

The Rams did not move to Anaheim to mimic the white flight of Los Angeles residents to the suburbs. But rather, the Coliseum Commission drove the Rams out of town.

And you can say a lot of bad things about Al Davis and the Raiders. Starting with the idea of watching Davis on HD. But Davis was ahead of the game when it came to the important of luxury boxes. If the Coliseum Commission followed through on their promise to build them (you can still see the polls from where they are supposed to be), the Raiders would still be playing in Los Angeles. Davis was ahead of the game.

Think about it, Davis embraced the gang culture and wanted luxury boxes. This was smart. And his move to get a free $10 million from Irwindale was awesome. Sure, he put too much faith in JaMarcus Russell. But Davis did make a lot of smart moves.

FIND IT kind of funny that the AP allowed Brian Cushing to keep his defensive rookie of the year award, despite testing positive for a banned substance. Not steroids, but a banned substance.

Is he using steroids? Well, he does play in the NFL. That should answer your question right there. But seriously, all of the hand-wringing over this vote has been entertaining.

AM I the only one who does not care where LeBron James goes next season? Chicago, New York, Orlando ... honestly, who cares?

Oh, and the Cellbitch realizes that they are not in the finals yet, right? They still have to beat the Magic. And let's be honest, do you see that happening? No seriously, I am asking because I don't follow the Eastern Conference that much.


Swimsuits and slutty photos ... not athletic endeavors.


R.J. said...

You also forgot about those stupid questions where the contestants answer "World peace!" but that's cool. Most of us probably wouldn't watch the pageant anyway.

I wish I had seen Straight Outta LA. We can also give Al Davis credit for the PSL (Personal Seat Licenses).

Diane said...

And then the Raiders fans donned blue caps and relocated to Chavez Ravine.

THN said...

Yeah, he came up with that, too. Wow. Genius.

Diane, they actually bought sliver and black Dodgers caps. Or Kings caps.

Bokolis said...

Didn't watch it because nothing told me that this was going to be anything other than Ice Cube's shrine page to his favorite team.

Maybe the Raiders spoke to Cube, moved him, which belies his whole point. The Raiders weren't in concert with the "early gangsta rap culture;" they helped shape it. They had that attitude well before they moved to LA (as did the Athletics, which points towards Oakland's attitude and edge, not LA's).

It also points towards Davis' Brooklyn upbringing.

You didn't expect the worldwide leader to get the facts and analysis (on all the backroom stuff) correct, did you?

Don't want LeBron in NY. Despite what he says, he values glory above winning. He will not win, but will fill the bandwagon with the glory hunters nonetheless...nothing worse than fake fans.

Strange how an Olympic level athlete doesn't have the footwork to throw a ball. Fixing that problem would take 10 minutes and is a surefire way to get in her... case you get the opportunity.

The Hatriot said...

I didn't watch the documentary because I heard it failed to address the important question of whether or not Easy-E was ever caught slippin'.

贝贝 said...

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