Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Post Mortem: Jazz Fans Still Blow

Why were the Utah fans so upset with Kobe in this photo? Did they honestly believe that Kobe was wearing the magic underwear?

Every time Kobe and the Lakers punk the Jazz (and it never gets old), I think back to Kobe's rookie season when the Utah fans jeered Kobe. Took great delight in all of those airballs that he threw up during that series. Laugh now, jerks -- is what I thought.

And that is pretty much what has happened every year since.

The best part of this picture, is imaging these two jagoffs walking out of the Delta Center (or whatever it's called now) wearing that ridiculous get up. Driving home and having to take that off. Hope you enjoyed it, fellas.

But before you give these guys too much credit for being clever, check out this story. Jazz fans have been jeering Derek Fisher, one fan even holding his hand over his left eye -- taunting Fisher's daughter who has cancer in her left eye.

Why the face?

That is pretty low. Look, nobody likes when a player leaves for another team (just ask Mark Teixiera), but this is extreme. Fisher left because his daughter had eye cancer, and Mormon faith-healing was not going to be enough. So he left. Seems pretty understandable.

To Jazz fans' credit, Fisher was cheered during the first year when he returned as a member of the Lakers. And even booing him in the years after is understandable, too. But the hand over the left eye seems to be a bit much.

And to make it worse, these fans are sober. If it's some drunk idiot doing something stupid. Hey, we've all been there. Sober and acting like this seems a bit excessive.

Hopefully the Lakers can just finish off the Jazz and get this over with.

SPEAKING OF Teixeira, he joined Lou Gerhig as the only Yankees sluggers to have three home runs in one game against the Red Sox. That is a low-hanging fruit right there, but in deference to calling out Jazz fans, you are not getting the joke you are all thinking of right now.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Dallas Braden for the perfect game. The best moment coming when his grandmother told A-Rod to "stick it" according to various reports. You may recall that Braden took exception to A-Rod running across the mound recently. What's awesome is that most people are taking Braden's perfect game as a slam on A-Rod. Just awesome.

SPECIAL THANKS to KC for filling in on The Weak Ender, as yours truly was in dispose. Nice work.


Did you miss Betty White on Saturday Night Live?


R.J. said...

The hand over the eye thing was pretty low for Utah. I guess the idea of passing out "We Funded Prop H8" signs wouldn't have had as much effect.

And does anyone here find it ironic that the one guy with the turban wrap on his head is sitting next to someone with a t-shirt with the name Zion Bank on it a little strange?

Betty White and her dusty muffins without a cherry since 1939 was freaking hilarious! Did you see that SNL skit?

The Hatriot said...

Well, Jizz Fan you may never get a championship but your state is still #1 in internet porn subscriptions and in state-enforced sham religions! Now, I would say believing that the Almighty lives in a star name Kolob and that you're getting your own planet when you die is pretty dumb, but it pales in comparison to *paying* for internet porn. For folks so concerned about what other adults do in their bedroom, you sure do enjoy scarfing down the Laker cock this time of year...

buckyor said...

Wait- Utahns actually *pay* for internet porn? I find that hard to believe. Not because I can't see them dialing up R rated photos of Marie Osmond, but because these guys squeeze a penny so hard Lincoln's nose is perpetually bleeding. You will never meet anyone tighter with a buck than a Utah Mormon.

Bain said...

You will never meet anyone tighter with a buck than a Utah Mormon.

I bet George Rekers has been tighter with a buck than a Utah Mormon. Unless, of course, the buck was a Utah Mormon.

OT, farewell, lovely Lena Horne.

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