Monday, May 24, 2010

The Post Mortem: Get Ready For a Cold Super Bowl

The NFL is inching closer to a cold-weather Super Bowl as New York (New Jersey) is one of the finalists – along with Tampa and Miami – for Super Bowl 48. Of course, many are opposed to a cold weather Super Bowl. This is kind of amusing because almost everybody was excited when they saw snow on the field for the 2007 NFC Championship Game.

So a cold weather Super Bowl seems alright, especially if it’s too teams you don’t care about. Or even better, if it’s Gomer trying to throw the ball during a snow storm. (Of course, this is setting up for the Chargers to be playing for the Super Bowl in the New Jersey snow in 2014.)
So the cold weather thing, that doesn’t mean much to me. Some experts are saying that this opens the Pandora’s Box for other sites. Maybe.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft believes that New York/New Jersey deserves the Super Bowl because of 9/11. That to me, opens the real Pandora’s Box.

So how do you explain pulling the Pro Bowl out of Hawaii? Our 50th state deserves the Pro Bowl every season because of Pearl Harbor. I mean, if we are going to wave the bloody shirt here, why not?

And does this open the door for Washington to get the Super Bowl? What about Pittsburgh? Oklahoma City? Denver (Columbine) certainly deserves to have the Super Bowl, too. New Orleans (oh wait).

This is the Pandora’s Box. What happens if Al Queda destroys St. Louis. Are we going to have a Super Bowl there? What’s to prevent Seattle from welcoming a terrorist attack, just to have another Super Bowl. Yes, that is the real Pandora’s Box.

LET'S BE honest here, too. The Super Bowl is not about real fans. Wouldn't you love to see a Super Bowl where half of the stadium is empty because who got corporate freebies ended up leaving? Either that or scalpers would sell to real fans. To be honest, I am rooting for the former.

IF COLD weather is no longer an option, what are some of the cold weather cities that deserve a Super Bowl? To me, Los Angeles should have Super Bowl 50. That seems automatic. My 1b choice would be Lambeau Field. In fact, the venerable stadium should be in the mix for a Super Bowl regardless. I hate to be one of those guys who say, “This town really deserves it.” But does any city other than Green Bay deserve a Super Bowl?

And hell, the NFL was born in Ohio. Where is its Super Bowl? How about a Super Bowl at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio? Or maybe Cleveland will do in a pinch.

SO IS Terrell Owens stalking Bears QB Jay Cutler?

Owens, not one to be shy, told the world on his Twitter account (via the Chicago Tribune) that he was going to confront Cutler about coming to Chicago after running into the Bears quarterback on Sunday night. Because, that wouldn’t be a diva-like, VH1 reality show way of handling things.

Seriously, T.O. ... could you be more gay (not that there is anything wrong with that).

“@ underground!! Waiting on jay cutler 2 come n here 2 explain how I wouldn’t fit n their system!! Where u @ Jay?!” Owens wrote.

Oh, but he pulled the rug out from all of us, when he said it was merely a coincidence that he ran into Cutler and TE Greg Olsen in Chicago. Owens claims that he was in Chicago for business and he happened to run into Cutler and Olsen. Crisis averted.

“naww I’m n town 4 business! Just happened 2 run n2 jay,” Owens told the world.

PATRIOTS WR Wes Welker told the Boston Herald that he is well aware of his Playboy image, as pictures of him and Ashley Dupre have made their way around the Web. “It’s funny, man,” Welker told the Herald. “I’ve been working so hard, and it’s like, ‘Oh, Wes is rehabbing at the Playboy Mansion or something.’ I’m like, ‘Dude, it’s one night.’ ”

NEW CB Antonio Cromartie is eager to impress at Jets camp, starting by showcasing his kick returning skills. Coach Rex Ryan said that Cromartie will not be a full-time kick returner, but could be out there in certain situations. Well, anything that keeps him from tackling, I guess.

RAVENS RB Le’Ron McClain is starting a campaign, “MCCLAIN 4 RB.” McClain went from team’s leading rusher in 2008 to blocker for Ray Rice on season later. McClain would like to get some more carries. Fantasy owners are saying: Please no. Seriously, do not give coach John Harbaugh that idea.


This Angels season is depressing. And I blame the crappy starts to midweek day games.


Robbie said...

Buffalo should get a Super Bowl because, well... who would want to be in Buffalo in February other than Leafs fans who can't afford $220 lower bowl tickets at the Air Canada Centre to watch their team?

Bokolis said...

The Apple needs the Bowl because the City is dead and the birds are getting fat. The allure of the cleat and the "ticket" might help pull these broads back into shape.

The Hatriot said...

C.H., the Angels rotation will come around. Hell, the bats will come around too, although Aybar will never be a true lead-off hitter. The real problem is the bully. When that door swings open, it might as well be Willie "The Laser" Fraser jogging out to the mound to serve up his b.p. fastballs.

Bain said...

Does being a national embarrassment qualify as tragic? If so, the Super Bowl could be held in Arizona just about any year.

Memo to the rest of the Confederacy: send a pony out to the desert and tell your red-headed stepchild you lost the war.

Maoke Trubesman said...

The Super Bowl should be in Super Paradise because it is tragically delicious!

贝贝 said...

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