Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Day After "Apology"

When was the last time you apologized the next day to the guy in the bar that you were clowning in a drunken haze the previous night? You know, the Red Sox fan with the cargo pants, tucked in Polo, no belt and Eastland shoes with white socks.

Yeah, exactly....Never.

UNLV assistant football coach Ty Gregorak was arrested in Boulder, Colo., after an incident outside of a strip club earlier this month in which he attempted to makes things right on "the morning after."

Gregorak was given the Heisman from Nitro Club (how original), located in the downtown Pearl Street Mall, by some punk bouncer after he determined Gregorak was overserved at another establishment. Gregorak then, in a fit of rage, somehow tracked down the bouncer's car in the parking garage, broke in and stole a wallet and Glock handgun then took off.

If he was that hammered how did he know which car was the bouncer's? Maybe he got lucky and chose a car that had a neon license plate that said "BADA$$" or the one that was in a blue Handy Man spot with no handicapped hang tag in the rear view mirror.

After waking up the next day and not remembering how the personal items had found their way home with him, Gregorak made a quite noble and unthinkable gesture. Optioning to drive to the bouncer's place of residence to apologize for the previous night's events. The bouncer accepted this grand gesture by calling the cops.

Then came sirens, handcuffs, metal bars and potentially unemployment.

However, perhaps the real morale of the story is...don't go to strip clubs that are located in malls.


Bain said...

Pearl Street Mall isn't a shopping mall. It's a stretch of street with no traffic (i.e. Fremont).

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