Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tiki Barber: Still a D-Bag

Being the biggest scumbag to ever come out of the National Football League is quite a chore considering all of the dregs of humanity that the game has produced. Former Giants RB Tiki Barber is certainly giving a solid effort for the title, though.

Barber has left his wife Ginny to shake up with a 21-year old hottie whom he worked with at NBC, according to the New York Post.

Now, NFL player leaving his wife for 21-year old hussy does not seem like that big of a deal. At least not for NFL players these days. Hell, if you are retired NFL running back and you don’t kill your wife, you are somewhat of a winner.

But Barber adds a nice twist by leaving his wife while she is eight months pregnant. With twins. So Barber is walking out on five people (the couple already has two children).

Barber understands that he is not good at his job, right? And that he is going to eventually lose money and end up leaving on the street, right?

And to think, Barber is still butt-hurt about his own father walking out on him and his brother, Ronde. So you can add hypocrite to the long list of adjectives used to describe Barber. None of which can be printed in this family publication.


WCT said...

Like you wouldn't do the same thing...

THN said...


Chris Benoit said...

What a shitty way for a father to behave.

Bokolis said...

Hubris has finally gotten the best of that smug little jackass. He went too young on the trade-in and he's going to crash...hard. Can't wait until his ex old lady shaves her beard.

word verif: anistn...just one more broad Bokolis won't be getting.

Robbie said...

Let's not forget the tackiness of hooking up in a dorm room. Couldn't he paid cash for a respectable hotel room like most sex addicts -- I mean, athletes?

贝贝 said...

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