Tuesday, April 20, 2010

St. Louis Can Eat a Merde Sandwich

Read some of the editorials coming out of St. Louis about minority owner Stan Kroenke. They are hilarious. Folks in St. Louis have taken to calling Kroenke a carpetbagger. Along with some other unsuitable names fit to print in this family publication.

Columnist Bryan Burwell called Kroenke “diabolical.”

Funny, these are the same people who hailed Georgia Frontandrearie as a ‘savior.’ The woman who brought football back to St. Louis.

Boy it sucks when the shoe is on the other foot, right St. Louis?
Let me quell your fears St. Louis and get down to the brass tax.

Your football team will not be playing in St. Louis. The Rosenbloom kids did you a solid by selling out to a shady business man intent on keeping the team in St. Louis. That was merely for show. The Rosenbloom kids knew exactly what Kroenke was going to do. But the offspring of the Murdering Showgirl wanted to save face, save their mother’s legacy in the Bagdad of the Mid West and ride off into the sunset.

Remember, it was in this space in the days after Frontandrearies glorious death that we said that the kids would go through one season to honor their mother and then sell the team. Not to gloat, just stating the facts.

And these deluded columnist think that Kroenke is acting like a pest in order to drive up the price from a new bidder in St. Louis. Right. If these columnists were worth their salt, they would not be plying their trade in some jerkwater town. I mean, even Steve Bisheff was able to carve out a career in Southern California. If you are relegated to journalism’s equivalent of single-A, then your opinions do not matter.

Face it, Kroenke is not divesting himself of the Nuggets and Divalanche just to drive up the price of the franchise and to orchestrate his buyout. Kroenke wants to own a franchise in Los Angeles. Add in the fact that AEG is going to build a downtown stadium with a retractable roof. Well, the first beers for the Los Angeles Rams tailgate at the Rose Bowl in 2011 are on me.

Enjoy the final year in St. Louis, jerks. Oh, and please draft Sam Bradford. I will have my No. 14 jersey ready.


The Hatriot said...

C'mon! Nothing on how McNabb is practically begging T.O. to bring his sweet, sweet mangina to the Slurs?! "Two-a-days" are going to take on a whole new meaning in that locker room!

Anonymous said...

What the hell are "brass tax"?

Bokolis said...


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