Monday, April 12, 2010

The Post Mortem: What's Up With the Hair?

Can anybody explain what is up with Ben Roethlisberger's hair? How would you describe it? My name for it ... the 'Bullet.'

Business in the front, rape in the back.

I find it curious that the Steelers were eager to deal the black troublemaker -- and former Super Bowl MVP -- for a fifth round draft pick, based on a few unconfirmed instances. But Roethlisberger will still be on the Steelers roster when the season starts (though, he may be suspended by the league).

Now, I do not want to pull out the race card here, and I do not believe it is the case. Rather it comes down to position. Receivers who can catch, smoke weed and throw drinks in broad's faces are a dime a dozen. Finding Super Bowl winning quarterbacks are very rare. Rapes be damned.

Of course, all of this alleged. But the DA made it clear that he does not prosecute on morales, only the law. And if the victim takes a cash settlement from Roethlisberger, well, justice is served.

But he should get suspended by the league.


Sorry for the rather poor effort. The standup is going good. I will have some more thoughts this week.


Peteski said...

Joe Dirt

Bain said...

Ruthlesspervert now has the hair to match his personality.

Though I'm not suprised he skated, I was slightly perturbed that he didn't get at least a few weeks on the leaf-blower for Raping While Malternativing. I think district attorney Morten Harket owes the people of Ocmulgee an explanation.

Robbie said...

That hair never goes out of style as long as you never leave the trailer park.

Diane said...

Isn't Ben 28? He looks like a 40-something drunk in that photo.

贝贝 said...

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