Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Post Mortem: Shake Rattle and Roll

The Yankees and Red Sox kickoff the 2010 baseball season (instead of the Reds as tradition goes). The Duke Blue Devils advance to the NCAA title game. And yet, God chooses to rattle California.

What did we have to do with any of that?

And to top it off, Erin Andrews (photo via Deadspin) is now the target of death threats. Andrews is quickly becoming America's drama queen. If those nude videos (that you can apparently still find on the net, though I have not seen it in a while) were not enough to garner the sympathy vote in Dancing with the Stars, this death threat certainly will be.

And the more I see of Andrews from DWTS, the more she looks like Jennifer Gray in Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts Erin Andrews in the corner! Nobody! Death threats be damned.

Why would people waste death threats on Andrews when Keith Youkilis (sic) is still walking around?

Honesty, there is nothing nearly as disappointing -- sports wise -- as being so geeked up for baseball season, only to have the Yankees and Red Sox as the opening game. Nothing will get you ready for a 182-game season than a 5-hour game, with the ESPN announcers talking about a playoff intensity in April along with closeups of Southies looking concerned. Needless to say I passed. Sort of.

And we all know that Duke is going to crush Butler, right? But can we please stop all of the comparisons of Butler to Hickory High, the fictional school from Hoosiers? The Bulldogs opened the season ranked No. 11 in the preseason poll. Not really the David to Duke's Goliath.

Yes, Butler has a few white guys. Does not make them underdogs.

I WANTED to say that I lost respect for the Indianapolis Star for apologizing for this photo. But then I realized that I do not have respect for newspapers anyway.


The Eagles finally dumped Donovan McNabb, and it was to division rival Washington. That takes some pretty big stones. Especially when the Eagles saw Brett Favre ride his Packers like he was Tera Patrick. And if they did not see it, they no doubt heard about it.

So what are the Eagles thinking here? Are they so down on McNabb's skills that trading him to the Redskins was no sweat.

And what are the Redskins going to do here? McNabb cannot be viewed as a long-term solution. Do they still go QB in the first round? Wait for the second and go Tim Tebow? So many possibilities.

What is interesting to note is that the Eagles could have traded McNabb to the Raiders, but coach Andy Reid is not a vindictive a-hole to his former players.

But please Washington, bring WR Terrell Owens in for a visit!


R.J. said...

McNabb threatened to retire if he were traded to the Raiders, so the ball and chain attached to Richard Seymour's ankle (franchise tag) remains on there for another year. Not like that's a bad thing. He played pretty well for someone who reported to the team under duress.

buckyor said...

The Eagles obviously don't think much of McNabb or the Redskins (or both) if they're willing to trade him within the division. Maybe they view it as throwing an anchor to a man floundering at sea.

Bain said...

First the Bullock pic, now Erin Andrews without makeup...

Does anyone have Holly Johnson's cell number?

Bob's Blitz said...

Baby before or after the nose job?

贝贝 said...

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