Monday, April 19, 2010

Never Forget


Former Half-Term Governor said...

Guys! Girls! Don't let the "lamestream media" fool ya! Timmy McVeigh was one of us! He wanted smaller government! Unless, 'course, that gubmint was paying for his training, his VA care, his salary... uh... Anyway, he stood up against the tide of Clintonobamamuslimfacismcommunism! Somewhere in hell he is watching Glen Beck and beaming with pride, you betcha! Like us he believed that Social Security and Medicare were designed by the Founding Fathers to protect honest God-fearing White folk, but helping poot folks by health insurance is communism! Like us, he believed that America is a Christian (evangelical protestant, not papist or any of that hippie unitarian stuff) nation, even though the Founding Fathers forgot to mention the name "Jesus" or even the word "God" anywhere in the Constitution. That muslim-commo-facist Jefferson was probably responsible for that, also

Jamie Hughes said...

Man, what a dope Gwoz was!

贝贝 said...

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