Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jeff Ireland Won't Win Executive of the Year

NFL draft prospects are asked a number of embarrassing an intrusive questions. Here are some of the best (from Yahoo!):

One team asked Gerald McCoy if he played in a g-string or a jock-strap. I would have said, "You're wife's underwear." And then I would wonder why I slid down the draft board like Jimmy Clausen.

Former Florida State safety Myron Rolle was asked why he deserted his team, skipping his senior season to become a Rhodes Scholar. Because yes, in a league full of rapists injecting themselves with performance enhancing drugs, education has no purpose. Wonderful message the NFL is sending there.

Stanford running back Toby Gerhart was asked if he felt he was entitled because he was white. Gerhart said no, but if Jason Sehorn could parlay playing a 'black' position into marrying Angie Harmon, well, that would be pretty awesome.

The best may have come from Dolphins executive Jeff Ireland who allegedly asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute. Bryant, of course, was being scrutinized because of his involvement with Deion Sanders. So he had to play it cool. Former lineman Kyle Turley had a different response.

“I don’t care who you are or who you’re talking to – that kind of question usually gets your [expletive] teeth kicked in,” said Turley. “I mean, where do these people come from? That’s just completely [expletive] classless and totally unprofessional.”

One wonders what Roger Goodell will do in this instance. Or if the discipline is meant for the players on the field.


Diane said...

I'm sick of everyone referring to Tebow as a "character guy" because he wants to be a missionary,(and the world's oldest virgin), but Rolle - who prefers his education come in a setting that is not his mom's kitchen table, is crucified.

The Hatriot said...

Okay, but which one knows what kind of dinosaur Adam and Eve rode to church? Hmmmm, Miss Smarty Pants librul book learnin'?

THN said...

I am not sure that first of all, Tebow will be able to beat A.C. Green's record of virginity of a professional athlete. But I am not sure that his comparison is apt. If Tebow bypassed his senior season to be a missionary, you had better believe that NFL teams would have scrutinized him.

A better comparison would be Rolle to guys like Austin Collie and Max Hall who started their college playing careers later because they were serving on LDS missions. And the truth is, some scouts view this as a negative because they are too old. Of course, Collie just showed that he was more NFL-ready than a lot of his peers.

But I think NFL scouts are missing the mark here. I don't believe that Rolle is a "deserter" as one scout claimed in that Yahoo! article. Rather, he has maturity that is not found in a lot of NFL players. The suspended quarterback of the Steelers included.

RJ in SoCal said...

I wonder if Jeff Ireland's mom was a prostitute. I'd love for someone to ask him.

Diane said...

Child, please.

If Tebow had spent a year terrorizing Peruvian Indians by threatening them with hellfire and brimstone if they don't accept Jesus as their savior (and immediately begin stoning to death homosexuals and promiscuous women), the NFL sportwriters and executives would be tripping over themselves even more to bow to the shrine already being built to Tebow in Canton.

Fundamentalist? Character!
Bright, educated, informed? Not so much character.

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