Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Look: Teixeira Is a D-Bag

The question here isn't whether Mark Teixeira was going to injury Angels catcher Bobby Wilson. He was. And there is no question that Teixeira is a d-bag. He is.

The play is clearly legal, too. Angels manager Mike Scioscia was always proud of the home plate collisions he was involved with when he was playing in the big leagues.

So the play was completely legal.

But do not insult our intelligence by pretending that you care if Wilson was hurt or not. Clearly, there was extra vigor in Teixeira's slide. Because it is hard to imagine him doing the same thing in Kansas City or Pittsburgh.

Teixeira returns to Anaheim, gets plunked by Ervin Santana, is booed by the crowd and he wanted to take it out on somebody. Clearly within the rule mind you, but there was malice in his heart.

Because he is a d-bag.

Consider me in the group that wants some blood lust. Some revenge. There would be nothing sweeter than the sight of Teixeira lying in a pool of his own blood with stitch marks where his temple used to be. Wisely, the Angels refrained from that sort of retaliation. But they still got him back.

Lost in the aftermath of Teixeira's 'hard-nosed' play, was the fact that the Angels won. The Angels also won on Sunday, with Teixeira going 0-2, dropping his average to .119. So maybe Teixeira's anger is not directed towards the Angels or Wilson.

Kind of like how rape isn't really about sex, maybe Teixeira was really mad because his wife is a (rhymes with bunt).

Oh, and that his average sucks, too.

The Angels are 3-3 against the Yankees this season. And nice managerial moves by Joe Girardi, the Barry Switzer of the MLB.


RJ in SoCal said...

Teixeira is hitting .119? What's really sad is he's probably making more money per hit than I make in a year.

The Hatriot said...

Teixeira was pissed off because his wife pulled the "Angry Penguin" on him before the game...

Bokolis said...

I think your boys need to work on their pimp hand.

Teixeira gets plunked>>your catcher gets put out.

Kazmir takes two pitches to drill Cano, next guy jacks him up, then Cano takes him yard later in the game.

You're right about Girardi.

I assume the angry penguin arose out of his old lady not correctly reattaching his balls.

Sterling dropped his "El Comeduce" canned call for Abreu's HR on Sunday...shocked the hell out of me and had me praying for a Matsui HR.

Diane said...

I'd be happier with the play if Wilson was actually blocking the plate.

And what percentage of Teixeira's home runs last season weren't over the 314 foot right field fence at Yankees Stadium?

贝贝 said...

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