Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bradshaw: I am Learning Not to Like Roethlisberger

Terry Bradshaw wants to give some tough love to embattled Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger.

Bradshaw knows the temptation of being an NFL quarterback. A Super Bowl-winning quarterback in Pittsburgh, at that. Bradshaw spent his offseasons getting into bar-room brawls with Burt Reynolds, and drinking beers while participating in road races with Mel Tillis. Of course, those were movie roles in highly acclaimed films Hooper and The Cannonball Run.

In other words, Bradshaw's troubles were make believe. Roethlisberger's are all too real.

The Hall of Fame QB spoke out about Roethlisberger at the annual Terry Bradshaw-Kix Brooks Golf Tournament, hosted by Louisiana Tech athletics (video via KTBS), handing out some advice that his daddy gave to him. Namely, stop embarrassing yourself and quit going to the clubs because of the microscope.

"I hardly ever went in a club -- ever -- in 14 years in Pittsburghm" Bradshaw said. "Count 'em on one hand. I was petrified of the problems you can get into. And I almost got into -- it's there, believe me.

"There's nothing greater if you're single than to walk into a bar with beautiful women and have them just fill your ego up. And you ask yourself, 'Would they pay any attention to you if you weren't, you know, who you are?' Of course not. Because I'm not that attractive, and neither is Ben. [...]

"He's got an image problem right now. Best thing to do is don't ever put yourself in that position again. When you're through playing football, do whatever you want to do, but right now, stay clean. Stay out of trouble. Stay out of bars. Keep yourself clean."

Bradshaw, however, doesn't believe Roethlisberger will listen to him because the two Steelers legends don't have a good relationship. Bradshaw tried to reach out to Roethlisberger earlier in his career and was rebuffed.

"When I told him to park the motorcycle, he got pissed," Bradshaw said. "Then he had that accident. Since then, he doesn't like me, and I am learning not to like him."

The problem, Bradshaw said, is that perception shapes reality, pointing out how much grief Cowboys QB Tony Romo received when he took a playoff trip to Mexico the week before a playoff loss to the Giants in 2008. Bradshaw says that after being accused of a crime in one instance, he would avoid being in that situation again.

"That is the perception, right or wrong," Bradshaw said. "The only way to clean that up is to stay out of it. Fight the temptation and stay out of those places.

"Once would scare me to death. Twice. I don't know how you would sleep. I couldn't handle that."

And of his relationship with Roethlisberger?

"Now he (Roethlisberger) hates me forever," Bradshaw said.


Fletch said...

Tastes great! Less filling!

He was in those ads, no?

"Because I'm not that attractive, and neither is Ben."

Of all that, I found that quote the funniest. He should've added something about working with McConnaghey in there...

Ben Roethlisberger said...

To tell you the truth, I don't really care for this Ben Roethlisberger character either.

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