Friday, March 05, 2010

The Weak Ender: Racing Is Getting Better

Turns out we were dead wrong about Danica Patrick all along. Especially now that more drivers like Milka Duno are joining the field. Can you say Indianapolis 500 cat fight?

Maybe they can have Danica and Milka have one of those staged press conferences like they do in boxing where they pretend to hate each other and start clawing, and well, you know the rest.

Although that sounds like a Go Daddy commercial.

I am trying to find the downside to having more hot chicks in racing. Not that I will follow it more, but it is just good to have around.

NFL FREE agency started on Friday morning. And the first big signing ... Nate Burleson joins the Lions. Yes, is anybody going to dare scream tampering now?

This uncapped year is going to turn into a total bust. I know a lot of Raiders fans were hoping that the uncapped year was going to yield a spending spree that would make Yankees fans jealous. Instead, the team will likely lose CB Nnamdi Asomugha. But will certainly keep QB JaMarcus Russell.

There were a couple of interesting moves. The Panthers released QB Jake Delhomme, and will go with Matt Moore. The contract that the Panthers gave to Delhomme last year -- after his playoff meltdown against the Cardinals -- was Raiders-level stupid. Now that guy is going to get paid a lot of money to not play in Carolina this year.

The Chargers wisely tendered Darren Sproles, as tampering was obviously going there. But the team did away with the Shawn Kemp of the NFL, Antonio Cromartie by trading him to the Jets. Cromartie was a knucklehead and clearly fell out of favor in San Diego. But he could be a huge asset for the Jets if he takes to Jets coach Rex Ryan. Cromartie is an idiot, but he can play. Wow, that was a good move for the Jets.

BRETT FAVRE returned to late night TV. Again, he has not made up his mind. And seriously, why are people so personally offended by his decision. I wake up every day and wonder if I want to go to work, too. Good lord.

YANKEES SLUGGER Mark Teixeira told reporters this week that he was deeply entrenched in the Yankees tradition. Cool, somebody get him some flight lessons.


Rick Reilly came up with some rules for rushing the court after a thrilling win. Though it was a few years late.

But the Maryland game was pretty obscene. You are No. 23 in the country Maryland, act like it.


Bokolis said...

The Maryland hate for Duke is more intense than you would think.

Having hot chicks means more talking, less racing. If Milka could speak better (than broken English), Danica would be invisible.

Milka and Danica already had that "altercation." I'm sure you can find it...but it was more like two birds cackling over the right of way than any kind of Super Bowl ad.

Someone once told me that I drive like a porn why stop at hot chicks? Worried about the heels slipping off the brakes? Put them in the passenger seat instead...let's see these guys go three wide while getting road head.

The Hatriot said...

What? Nothing all week on the domestic disturbance call at Ric Flair's house? Apparently, Ric and the Missus were both drunk and going at it. The cops show up and Ric's bleeding from his forehead. The cops arrest... wait for it...
the wife!
Come on now! How many of you, while drunk and brawling with the old lady, would have the presence of mind to blade yourself when you hear cops knocking on the door? Well played, Nature Boy. WOOOOOOO!

Bain said...

Hatriot just cleared the bases.

I just hope Big Ben gets some love next Monday.

The Hatriot said...

You know, Rapestburger is going to find out that the endorsement money for roofies and duct tape just isn't that sweet...

Bain said...

Witnesses say Ruthlesspervert was drinking O-Bombs prior to the assault.

Still awaiting confirmation on whether he'd been texting Morten Harket.

The Hatriot said...

No Bain, it was retro night. He was pounding Bartles & Jaymes and listening to Stryper...

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