Friday, March 26, 2010

The Weak Ender: Bush League

Bad Reggie. The famed Saints running back has reportedly broken up with Kim Kardashian, citing her hectic, celebrity-driven lifestyle as the reason why.

Boy is Reggie stupid.

This is exactly why you want to go out with a woman like this. Did Kim and her mother try to crash the NFL Network stage moments after the Saints won the Super Bowl? Sure. Is Reggie being investigated for sexual assault or having paternity suits pile up? Of course not.

This goes to what we were talking about last week, always go the celebrity route when looking for WAGs. Compare Reggie’s career with college teammate Matt Leinart.

Reggie appeared on a reality TV show, had a somewhat questionable photo shoot in GQ and won a Super Bowl. Leinart knocked up a USC hoops player, was photographed handing out beer bongs to under-aged chicks and watched as Kurt Warner nearly led his team to a Super Bowl title.

But unlike Kardashian, Leinart did get on the platform after his team won the NFC championship.

And remember this, Leinart was actually doing alright for himself when he was chasing gals such as Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson's friend. He might have come across like a d-bag, but it was not until he started chasing jail bate and college-age chicks that he had incriminating photos and a baby out of wedlock. You would think that a guy who works out with Tom Brady -- another smart guy -- would know better.

Reggie had better have a ‘Plan B’ for what he is going to do now. He was insulated in this relationship, and it is just bad business. Hopefully we will not find him slumming through the bars on Bourbon Street.

SAINTS OWNER Tom Benson had some interesting words about former St. Louis FC owner, Georgia Frontandrearie. While Benson did not come right out and call her a murdering showgirl, he did label the whore as an absentee owner.

"St. Louis for a while there had absentee ownership and didn't (participate)," Benson said, referring to late owner Georgia Frontiere. "Years ago, they did participate pretty good."

And that was on the record. Ouch. And realize that the only reason she ‘participated’ in the 1990s was because of Warner. St. Louis FC was a Rodney Harrison-tackle away from never ever making a Super Bowl, let alone winning one.

EAGLES QB Donovan McNabb is quickly becoming the fat chick that nobody wants to take home from the bar. Just as soon as teams were rumored to be seeking McNabb, they quickly came out and rebuked their interest. The St. Louis FC and the Cardinals quickly denied that they were in the running for McNabb. Pretty quickly.

St. Louis FC has Carrie Prejean’s fiancée as its top quarterback at the moment (though it could easily take Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall pick.)

The Cardinals have Leinart and Derek Anderson.

When you are being passed over for Leinart and Anderson, that should tell you something about your value in the NFL.

Apparently you can only lose so many NFC Championship Games before people – and teams evidentially – tired of your act. The only viable candidates for McNabb now appear to be the Bills and Raiders. Yes, the McNabb apologists have long said that McNabb wins without a talented offense around him. Let’s see how good he will be in NFL’s Siberia and Alcatraz.

Seriously, though. McNabb is just outside of being a Top 10 NFL quarterback, but surely somebody could use him. The Eagles should wait until training camp to see if somebody panics.

Personally, teams are probably scared off by that stupid dance that McNabb performed prior to the Eagles getting run out of the playoffs in Dallas.

And to be totally honest, we all want to see McNabb and Terrell Owens rejoined in Oakland, right?

ANOTHER CRAZY night of hoops. Syracuse, gone. Does anybody have a winnable bracket right now? Because Kentucky is going to get careless before the Final Four. They just have to, right? Xavier was looking strong. The only thing left to do is root against Dook.

And why does ESPN's Sport Dork Bill Simpson hate Dook? Because Dook seems like the kind of team that Simpson would root for. Think about it, Dook is white, with a sense of entitlement. But neither the Sports Dork nor Dook is as good as many would lead us to believe.


Former Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica is a good sport, talking to the Arizona Republic about his ill-fated celebration in which he tore his ACL after making a kick. “My jump was excellent,” Gramatica said. “It was my landing I needed to work on. It was funny. It was part of my career. I talk about it all the time. You have to laugh about it.”


R.J. said...

I think it's safe to say Reggie's career is on the ebb. No way he gets another $8 mil per unless someone really needs a running back, like maybe the Bolts?

And don't be too surprised if he gives Vince Young his Heisman Trophy back in the coming months.

Big Owe said...

BEAT by BUTT-ler!?!?!? ;O=8
A lieBRUL KONspriracy!!!!@#$
Shut it DOWN, Skelly

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