Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Post Mortem: We Still Own the Moon!

“We will not take this lying down. Hit them in their soft financial underbelly. Until we get OUR HOCKEY GOLD no Canadian liquids for me, not Molson beer, no Canadian whiskey, that stupid Ginger Ale or maple syrup.

It’s on.

And we still own the moon.”

-- The Reverend

Well, I might be taking the loss to Canada a little bit better than our good friend the Reverend. And imagine how he would have felt if he knew that the men’s hockey team lost to Canada, too.

And really Canada, your women’s celebration was much, much better than your men. Where were the beers and cigars on the ice? That really was awesome.

So now we must go through the song and dance about how much this is going to increase the ratings of the NHL. Well, if you could find an NHL game on television. But while this should help the popularity of the sport a little, there is no reason to believe that there will be a swell of new hockey fans.

I like hockey. I consider myself a casual observer. A playoff hockey fan if you will. Though the recent history of the Kings has meant that I have been on a hockey strike for a long, long time (though that will change this year, fools!).

But my biggest gripe is who cares? My joy of a sport does not depend on how many of my fellow countrymen are watching the game. Screaming, cheering and creating a scene after the USA tied Sunday’s game was awesome and led to some camaraderie with the neighbors. But why does it have to mean that hockey will take over the world?
They do this stuff with soccer, too. They are so egger to make soccer the next big thing. And it never happens. The same for NASCAR, too.

How about this people, let’s just say that I can enjoy my sports without them taking over the world. I will be back to hockey when the playoffs start. Just don’t push me.

THE NEXT big sport to take over the world is curling! Alright, I am just kidding.
IS COORS Light a Molson product? Wow, I don’t know what I am going to drink now. At least there is Pabst Blue Ribbon.

VIKINGS FANS are going pulling out all of the stops to get Brett Favre back. Billboards, newspaper ads (like he reads the paper), etc. I guess the threat of Tarvaris Jackson being your team’s quarterback will do that.

The NFL is considering a rule change to its overtime. The gist, a game ends if a team scores a touchdown on the very first possession. A field goal gives the other team a chance to score. If the teams trade field goals, it is on to first to score wins.

Good lord. Why does this have to be so bloody complicated?

College has the best overtime rules. The NFL should just take a modified version of it. Instead of starting at the 25-yard line, push it back to the 40, to take away the chippy field goal. But good Lord, why are they make such a huge ordeal about this? You stole the 2-point conversion from college, why not this?


cephyn said...

they should just eliminate field goals in OT, make 2-pt conversions mandatory, eliminate sudden death. fixed.

DAWUSS said...

The NFL should just have regular season OT be like postseason OT.

BTW, defense wins overtimes.

THN said...

So would you still play an extra 15 minutes, with those rules, Cephyn?

Diane said...

They should keep the OT rules the same. If you don't want to lose based on a coin toss, don't let the game get to OT.

What the Olympics showed is how great hockey can be when you eliminate the involvment of Bettman.

THN said...


Good point.

buckyor said...

What Diane said.