Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Post Mortem: Jay Bilas Speaks the Truth

The Hater Nation is going to attempt something that has never been done on the Internets -- praising an announcer. This will likely get us shunned from the cool-kids club, but you have to give credit where credit is due.

Jay Bilas, despite being a Dookie, was actually really good in the ESPN selection show after CBS went off the air. Bilas had always been one of those guys who had always bugged me, but he is really coming into his own as an announcer.

Bilas made an astute point that we as basketball fans complained when the mid-majors were robbed last year. And now people are trying to complain about the power conferences being snubbed in 2010. Bilas made the point -- none of these teams that are snubbed are going to win the national championship.

He is absolutely correct.

So I appreciate the NCAA selection committee rewarding some of those mid-major programs, giving them a chance to establish themselves. Illinois, Virginia Tech and some of the other 'big-time' schools can complain, but those programs had the chance to win games, and win conference tournaments. You need to win to get in.

For too long, the BCS-level schools have avoided scheduling teams like Utah State. So it was great seeing the Aggies get into the tournament. Maybe the Illini or Hokies should take a trip to Logan, Utah next year to avoid this. Not that I would expect it, but that is one way to solve the problem, Seth Greenberg.

Now the West Coast mid-majors need to make some noise in the tournament. I called for these teams to be included, prove your worth.

WHILE WE praise Bilas from Duke, it seems that the NCAA selection committee thinks a lot of Duke as a program, too. The Blue Devils received probably the easiest path to the Final Four. Or at least the Elite 8, Where they will run into West Virginia, and our misery will be ended. Duke's bracket is more favorable than Kansas who will face a near murderer's row to get to the Final Four starting with UNLV in the second round.

But going back to Duke, did anybody notice that ESPN's Sports Dork Bill Simpson was weighing in with the Duke hate? The Sports Dork, who famously does not follow college sports that he almost becomes smug about it. (Almost?)

The guy who admits that he has no idea about college hoops, so much so that he is trying to find ways to 'fix' the tournament (here's a hint, it is fine), hates Duke.

The reason why this is relevant is because the Dork seems like the kind of guy who should be rooting for Duke. Honestly, both Duke and the Dork are a perfect fit.

WHO THE hell is Wofford? Honestly.

WATCHING FORMER Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson in the green and white will be difficult. And you could argue that like Antonio Cromartie, LT did a great job of helping the Jets to the AFC Championship Game last year.

But consider this, Tomlinson might not be one of those players who had an off-color curtain call like O.J. Simpson (49ers), Emmitt Smith (Cardinals), Franco Harris (Steelers), Ki-Jana Carter (Saints).

Tomlinson is actually upgrading teams, unlike the aforementioned superstars. The Jets line is one of the best and he will not be asked to carry the load. Not going to predict any sort of Curtis Martin-like rebound, but Tomlinson could post solid numbers and good become one of those touchdown vultures for the Jets.

Do not be surprised if it happens.

NOBODY WAS happier on Selection Sunday than Brady Quinn being selected by the Broncos. The Browns could have dealt Quinn to the Broncos last year for Jay Cutler. Now the Browns get like a sixth-round pick.

Enjoy Jake Delhomme.


My quick bracket pick, Kansas over West Virginia.


wvubs said...

Duke would not face West Virginia in the Elite Eight, they are in another bracket.

THN said...

That's right, Final Four.

WCT said...

I guess you have to cling to the west coast mid majors since The Pac-10 is just as awful at basketball as it was in football this year. 2 team in the dance, and the "champion" washington is a #11 seed. Hilarious

THN said...

Come on, I tend to home for the West Coast mid-majors in basketball. I said it before, the Pac-10 only deserved one team.

Pete Gillen said...

Duke is Duke. They're on TV more often than Leave it to Beavah


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