Monday, March 22, 2010

The Post Mortem: Hey Fun Boys, Get A Room

Title IX has too much influence on March Madness now. And no, this has nothing to do with President Obama filling out a woman’s bracket on ESPN. (And honestly, do any of you actually believe that he is following women’s basketball?)

Instead, there is just way too much crying during March Madness, with so-called elite athletes acting like, well, women. And this, I blame on Title IX.

Former Gonzaga guard Adam Morrison made this somewhat fashionable when he started crying on the court – while the game was still going on. That was terrible.

Kansas, however, might have taken it to new heights on Saturday. There was some kid – still in his warmup uniform – crying his eyes out watching his team lose. Leave that to Ashley Judd when Kentucky loses.

Kansas needs to butch up both on the floor, and off. Still, give Kansas a little credit for its emotions because it was the No. 1 overall seed. Watching a No. 10 seed act it really had a chance to win the national title is probably more egregious.

I forget who it is, but there was one No. 10 or No. 13 seed who acted like the Russians after they lost to the US in the 1980 Olympic hockey team. Really? What did you think you were going to do?

You want these guys to actually act like men, but that just does not seem like it will be the case.

AT WHAT point do you stop caring about your bracket and start pulling for the upset? Pretty easy to start rooting for, say St. Mary’s, if you did not have Villanova advancing to the Final Four. You start cheering for the Gaels at that point.

But what did you do about Kansas? Rooting against the Jayhawks would have been easy if you had Kansas in your Final Four, but not winning it all. Especially when you consider how many people picked Kansas.

With all of that said, I picked Kansas to win it all and I was still rooting against the Jayhawks. (Mainly because they were not going to cover.) There is something about watching an upset evolve that makes March Madness so great. And if your bracket eats it, so be it.

And really, when it comes to my bracket, what were the odds that I was going to win anyway?

SPEAKING OF Ashley Judd, what do you think about her coed get up? Should she still be dressing like a preteen at these college games? The Reverend does not think so, and I am inclined to agree. Only because I remember her wearing a wet blouse when her husband won the Indy 500 a few years back.

And that is a fashion that will never go out of style.

REMEMBER LAST year when St. Mary’s was screwed out of a tournament bid? The Gaels have made this tournament pretty interesting. Of course, St. Mary’s took it out of the selection committee’s hands this year by beating Gonzaga in the conference tournament.

But it stands to note that the mid-majors make the NCAA tournament compelling. Not that you don’t need to the big schools. Having St. Mary’s knock off Temple does not have the same ring to it. But the tournament had a great mix of mid-majors and monster conferences.

Maybe it was the Pac-10 being down this year, that allowed some extra teams to sneak in, but it was fun. Going to 96 teams would not be the answer. But I believe that we got a strong argument for limiting the number of teams from power conferences into these tournaments. Maybe a cap of 50 percent of your membership.

YOU HAD to figure, too, when the Florida vs. BYU game went into triple overtime for the first game of the day that the first two rounds were going to be pretty good. And no matter how many scoop shots he made, there was no way to ever root for Jimmer Fredette. The BYU cheerleaders on the other hand.

But speaking of Mormon cheerleaders, Utah State and their talented cheer squad was eliminated way too early.

DID YOU know that bags fly free on Southwest?


Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is finally getting called into the principal's office as Mr. Goodell wants to see him. Uh, oh. Somebody is looking at a suspension. Remember what got Mike Vick in trouble. It was not the dog fighting exactly. No, Vick liked to Mr. Goodell, and that was frowned upon.

Big Ben should go in there, and admit to how many women he has raped and let him know that his lawyer is trying to -- pardon the pun -- get him off.


Diane said...

Somebody's cranky.

Bokolis said...

The emoting and needing a reaction to everything is a logical consequence of being raised by broads. Just like banking deregulation, manhood was scuttled in quick order following the elimination of the's all we had and we're still trying to adjust having to play the broads' game.

The pass Ashley Judd was given for Normal Life is still valid.

The cowboys at the NCAA figure that a FA Cup-style format with layered exemptions is too complicated (Kate in Marketing won't know how to fill out a bracket) for most of the mooks in this country to grasp. So, an 8-seed gets a bye and we can get 2 more Big East teams and another SWAC team.

Ok, the real reason is that it changes the TV schedule...which won't be a problem when the evil empire takes over.

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