Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Please Continue to Respect Erin Andrews' Privacy

Erin Andrews wants you to respect her privacy. She would like to be viewed as a pure journalist. Oh, and she is not to be objectified sexually.

And the best way to accomplish that?

Appear on Dancing with the Stars.

You have to credit the Erin Andrews PR machine, which is rivaled only by Danica Patrick’s. Although Patrick does deliver some discernible talent. Andrews claim to fame is a released nude video.

The curious thing is that if you feel violated and you don’t want to be ogled by legions of men, why would you go on a show where sex appeal is one of the biggest selling points. Or did the rest of you become a fan of Kelly Monaco because she was just a really good dancer?

Not that Andrews should not choose to pursue any endeavor that may strike her fancy, but is she going to be dancing in Elizabethan clothing? Andrews certainly should not live in shame, otherwise the person she hired to film her perpetrator has won. And we don't want that. But still, this seems akin to bemoaning beauty pageants for objectifying women, then appearing on Miss America.

Just curious, is all.

This should be evidence that Andrews intends to be leaving ESPN soon and launching into a new career. Probably in the ABC family of networks that is going to go out of their way to promote her. And really, is there any way she does not win this? The ‘Net geeks are going to be stuffing the ballot box like the GH geeks did for Monaco.


Diane said...

Expect a "secretly filmed" girl on girl video with Erin Andrews and Kate Gosselin for sweeps week.

DAWUSS said...

It's not Friday yet...

THN said...

Good lord, I have to clean the computer screen, D.

Because I spit Dr. Pepper on it, sickos.

Bain said...

(He really spit Pineapple Pear Doncha.)

(And he's listening to "Hey There Delilah")

THN said...

Hahaha. I knew Bain would nail that one.

Tom Brady said...

What's wrong with "Hey There Delilah"?

贝贝 said...

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