Monday, March 15, 2010

Packers New Throwbacks: Kickin'

I have not loved a throwback uniform this much since the Buccaneers brought back the orange unis. The Packers are going to look awesome in this getup next season. Even the brown helmets complete the look, well done Green Bay.

You would come to expect something cool like this from the Packers, who ooze history.

The Bears, on the other hand, break out orange uniforms which are cool, but at the same time, not so much. The Bears have just as much history as the Packers, but find ways to mangle it with a poorly re-designed stadium. Sorry, it is just the truth.

As a non-biased observer, Green Bay definitely gets the edge here for probably the best throw back until the St. Louis FC moves to Los Angeles and breaks out the old-school blue-and-white uniforms of the Fearsome Foursome.


KK Downing and Glen Tipton said...

Those aren't bad, as far as throwback uniforms go. They're actually better than some teams' current uniforms.

The Hatriot said...

And it was all going so well until the P.A. announcer's voice echoed across Lambeau Field: "Now starting at middle linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings, MRS. PACMAN!!!"

buckyor said...

As a Packer fan, I love these throwback. Looks like I'm gonna be out some scratch this fall as I get my new #12.

I gotta agree with THN, however; those old-school Rams navy and white unis are probably the best ever.

DAWUSS said...

If they really want to go all out, the Packers and the Bears should don leather helmets and run plays out of the T-Formation and Notre Dame Box during their next meeting.

Also, bring back the H-style goalposts.

Bokolis said...

The color scheme is wonderful and the design is sleek, but whythefcuk would you put a target for defenders' helmets on your jersey?!?

Waiting for some hate on that Giants-Jets phantom coin toss for the first home game/Turkey Bowl/Monday nighter in the new place. I figure the backstory to it is something THN would eat up.

THN said...

Coin toss? Don't make me look this up. But I will.

R.J. said...

I still think the Chargers have the best throwback uniforms but these are quite good.

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