Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mid-Weak Ender: Enough with the Crying

And we are not talking about people complaining about their brackets this early, either.

Welcome to the Mid-Weak Ender, since productivity will end around, well, it is probably already ended because of St. Patrick's Day. This holiday prior to March Madness officially surpasses Thanksgiving week as the most worthless work week imaginable. Why you are even expected to be at work is a mystery.

Life is too short to be bogged down during times like these. Especially in this economy. We are in this depression because we are too constrained by day-to-day living. Get out and celebrate. If you think about how fleeting life is, do you really want to miss out on the good times. Be it spending time with your family, or with friends. Or drinking in a dimly lit bar, watching a bunch of college kids play a sport while drinking green beer.

Priorities people.

Hopefully you are all reading this hungover because you bailed at noon on Wednesday. So for you, I will STOP SHOUTING. If you are still at work, get the hell out of there. No reason to be there at all.

Now, one of the dear friends of The Hater Nation, WCT, lamented for years that Erin Andrews was never a Weak Ender Girl. And now he is probably sick of her being a WEG, and to be honest, I am too.

For somebody who wants her privacy and fears for her life, she certainly does a lot of television interviews. Even the cast of Jersey Shore feels that Andrews needs to chill the f out when it comes to television appearances.

Now, I will consider that Andrews was filmed unknowingly (but something does not add up). But we can all agree that she has certainly used this 'misfortune' to her own benefit. This verdict was nicely timed to coincide with her appearance for Dancing with the Stars.

When she was sitting there blubbering about, "Those pictures are still on the Internets, my life is never the same. Poor me. ... Oh, and be sure to vote for me on Dancing with the Stars," yeah, I was over it.

And a couple of things here. Can you still find her videos on the internets? Because they are damn hard to find. She is likely most upset that she was filmed and did not make any money off it (at least not yet. Playboy is coming, you watch).

But this is where we have come as a society. Pamela Anderson's fame went up after her sex tape. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears made flashing their beavers while coming out of cars fashionable. So I give Andrews credit for the peep videos. An alleged horrific incident has turned into a Dancing with the Stars win (it is going to happen, as Gavin Newsome would say, whether you like it or not) and an acting career.

Seriously, though, can those videos still be found? If only Sun Devil were still alive.

IS ANYBODY surprised that the Giants are going to be hosting the first game in the new Meadowlands Stadium? Does anybody even think that there was actually a coin-flip at all? Jets owner Woody Johnson does not believe so, and to be honest, I do not, either.

The whole thing is as fishy as that Andrews' video, and not as titillating.

The Jets are second-class citizens, and the Mara family is always going to get the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I wish there would have been a way to wager on that coin flip, because there was no way that was going to end up in the Jets favor.

There was a report that Johnson's tirade could cost the Jets a Super Bowl bid. Uh, does this stadium have a retractable roof that I did not hear about? Because there is no way a Super Bowl should be considered in New York. Talk about your arrogance. Why would New York be considered for an outdoor Super Bowl and not New England or Washington or even Baltimore?

Seriously though, why is there not a roof over this thing? And why not Yankee Stadium and the new ballpark where the Mets play? There is no reason to have outdoor stadiums when we have the technology to put in retractable roofs. That would be like designing a new automobile and leaving out the seat belts. Good lord this is stupid.

The 2009 ALCS was marred because of the crappy weather in New York. And Chone Figgins. So I guess that explains why the Mets do not need a roof. But still. Should we start a Facebook page saying no New York Super Bowl?

NOW SOME tournament thoughts ... Actually, I've got nothing. Not following college basketball this year has made it tough for me, meaning my bracket will do better than ever. I am, like I mentioned earlier, excited for for the West Coast mid-majors. But one of them is BYU, which has lost seven consecutive opening round games. Maybe this is the year that BYU turns it around, but Billy Donovan vs. Dave Rose seems like a mis-match.

Still sticking with Kansas. That team looks awesome. But I am really getting scared that Duke could walk into the finals. Do not let that happen, people.

Of course, the best part of March Madness is betting the dogs. No, not the underdogs, but actual dog racing. But as Doc Ross points out, the true joy comes from booing the other dogs. Take that PETA!


Seriously, you have not left yet? Go home people.

We will have updates this week though, so check back.


Diane said...

Get to the Irish Mist while the porta johns are still semi-bearable!

R.J. said...

I started a day early and left at noon yesterday. Oops.

WCT said...

You have gone from rejecting EA to being obsessed with her. Yet you still maintain that you would kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

贝贝 said...

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