Monday, March 01, 2010

First Look: Best Sporting Events You Have Watch

I could not have been the only one who 'marked out' when the US tied yesterday's Olympic final. The walls were likely shaking at many places around the country. But that was truly one of the most thrilling plays I have ever witness, all hyperbole aside.

What are some of your top sports moments? A couple that rival, to me, would be Magic Johnson's baby hook, Adam Vinatieri's field goal to beat the FC, and of course, Spiezio's homer in Game 6 of the 2002 World Series.

What do you have?


Diane said...

The Kings beating Toronto to go to the Stanley Cup Finals in '93.

Seitz said...

In person? Game 5 of the 1986 ALCS when Bobby Grich scored the winning run to put the Angels up 3-1. That's probably it.

On TV:
The last two innings of game six in 2002.
Justin Leonard's putt in the 1999 Ryder Cup.
The second goal against Mexico in the 2002 World Cup.
The Kings comeback against Detroit in game three in 2001, and Adam Deadmarsh's game winner in game six of the same series.
The final three or four minutes of the 1996 World Cup of Hockey, when the U.S. score four times to beat Canada 5-2.

All of those are up there for me. #1 may be Deron Williams' three pointer against Arizona in 2005 that sealed Illinois' 15 point comeback in the last four minutes. And Mbah A Moute's layup, then steal against Gonzaga to send UCLA to the elite 8 in 2006. I may think of a few more.

This one was memorable, but will eventually pale compared to the others since we still lost.

kid vegas said...

Nothing will ever compare to the G-men knocking off the most despised team in the history of sports on those helmet catching heroics.

Bokolis said...

I foresaw 1994 Game 7 of Rangers-Devils...I knew a Devil was going to tie it up at the end, only to lose in OT on some fluke play.

Listened to it on the radio while driving through a localized snowstorm (keeping the wheel straight while screaming isn't as easy as you'd think). Did Crosby really get a kick pass from the ref?

Even though I hated his guts, the most unbelieveable moment was Gibson.

For me, the best sports moments have come out of being heavily invested- emotionally or financially, and all of these are one OR the other. In no particular order,
Messier in the game before the one referenced above,
NYF Giants beating the 49ers in the NFC Championship,
UNLV gang-raping Duke,
CZE 0-1 GRE (aet),
The grand slam single and, swearing that I was seeing the Bad Lieutenant play out in real life, the spectacular crashout in the following game.

The Hatriot said...

Gibby going yard on Eck, Game 1. I was in a very dark f'ing place in my life at that time and watching him double pump on his way around second gave me reason to believe.

In person, don't know if it's the greatest but definitely the oddest-the Langston/Witt combined no hitter.

Bain said...

My top moment in sports? I could pretend to be a good sportsman here and say, oh, the Packers' '97 Super Bowl, or any of the Wings' '97, '98. '02, or '08 Cups. But I would be lying.

Greatest. Sports. Moment. Ever.

Seriously, any time an Avalanche player is assisted from the ice with a towel covering his face, I feel like a child on Christmas morning.

THN said...

All good ones.

Bummed about forgetting about the Kings beating in the Leafs. That was an awesome night.

The only one on my list that I saw in person was the Angels in 2002.