Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Weak Ender: This Will Be a Black Sunday

Is Sports Illustrated guilty of using a cover that is in bad taste? I get the reasoning. But again, this is Sports Illustrated and this is probably the first time the magazine has had a women on the cover in clothes -- and not a bathing suit -- since, well, ever.

And Lindsey Vonn here is striking a skiing pose. Of course, Phil Mickelson is striking a golf pose here, but that will likely never make its way to the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Just saying.

But this is Super Bowl weekend, so everybody wants to talk football. Except for me. I am ready for the season to be over. I don't even care if the Super Bowl is bad or good. Just like three weeks ago, there is no way Gomer is going to lose this thing.

Gomer's career arch is very similar to Jerry O'Connell's, who started out as the fat, dopey kid and now is married to Rebecca Romijn.

Gomer, of course, has a few differences seeing that he does not live with his wife. But Gomer has gone from that, well, Gomer, who could not win the big game to a guy who actually looks clutch.

There is a part of me wishing that this is my mind going into a defense mechanism, or maybe a way to jinx Gomer out of the Super Bowl. But I truly believe that the Colts are going to win this game, and the final score is not going to be close.

The lone chance the Saints had was blown when Gregg Williams started bragging about taking late hits against Gomer. Now you know the referees are going to be quick to drop the flag if a Saints defender gets close.

My guess is that Gomer comes out with the yips, but those late-hit calls will bail him out, so he can right the ship and lead his team to the win.

There is just no other conceivable outcome. I am happy that I will never have to eat my words about the Raiders, but Gomer is going to win another Super Bowl this year.

Makes your picks, people.

Colts 42, Saints 17.

You can try to convince my otherwise. The Jets were leading 17-3 late in the first half of the AFC Championship Game. And if Mark Sanchez could have gotten a first down at the end of the half, the game could have been different. But that is thinking with my heart, in a way to justify picking the Saints.

But New Orleans just cannot do it. There will be no shocking of the world. Well, there will be. Gomer is clutch.

Who do you guys have?


DAWUSS said...

I see 7 months of torture coming up with a Colts Super Bowl win. The local media here in Indy already went into overkill mode, cutting into every program to tell you useless information listed as "BREAKING NEWS."

This is worse than waterboarding.

Bain said...

What the hell... gimme the Saints, 31-24. Forget Manning; the biggest target on the field (assuming he's cleared to play) will be Dwight Freeney's ankle. By midway through the first, that limb will have been rolled up on by more 300-pounders than a funnel cake stand at the Nebraska State Fair.

Speaking of food, if your SB party doesn't include some boiled peanuts, you ain't livin right.

Diane said...

Saints, 35-31

The Greek said...

Colts 42, Saints 34

Garvey Girls said...

Colts 34 Saints 17

The Hatriot said...

I like the Colts -5 and the over but I'll be cheering for the Saints. If Reggie "Soft as church music" Bush can nut up and actually pick up some yards in the 4-6 gap once in awhile, they've got a shot.

buckyor said...

I'd love to see the Saints win, but it ain't gonna happen. This is gonna look like one of those Bills Super Bowls.

Bain said...

Did anyone think either Joey Flacco or Dirty Sanchez were on their way to the Super Bowl? No. Of course not.

Did anyone think Favre or Warner had a shot at the bowl? Absolutely. No one would have been surprised to see either one of them playing today.

And yet, the D that beat Warner and Favre is chopped liver, while the D that spent the better part of a half trying to figure out Mark Sanchez is on their way to a blowout?

THN said...

Were I standing in the Fremont sports book right now, placing a bet before heading over the Moose's, Bain would have convinced me to take the Saints right there.

Bain said...

Something else interesting, Adam... you've probably heard of this Football Outsiders site (considering they practically lifted one of your old nicks), but they address the issue you mentioned about Gomer getting roughed up. Apparently referee Scott Green is known for a tendency to hold his flag when QBs get creamed (scroll down to "Officiating"). Aaron Rogers was one of Green's recent victims.

F.O. calls it a toss-up, as does stat freak Nate Silver. I guess we'll see shortly...