Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Post Mortem: USA! USA!

Our good friend Johnny California was wed on Saturday and unfortunately, we were not able to serenade the new couple in a USA! USA! chant, as we would have liked. (Honestly, this thing was at the Biltmore in Los Angeles and seemed a touch inappropriate.) Thankfully, the United States hockey team allowed us that opportunity.

And before we get on to the game (well, come on I am not a hockey expert), can we please stop with all of the comparisons to the 1980 team? We can have two great hockey experiences in our lifetime. Both wins kind of stand out on their own. But to be perfectly frank, these two wins really do not mirror each other at all.

The was the whole college players vs. Russian professionals (which sounds like a Showtime soft core movie). Oh yeah, and the Cold War. Come on, we have an open border with Canada.

So let's leave 1980 on its own merits and enjoy this game for what it was.

For starters, the Canadians are not eliminated. This was a great win for our team, and damn I was excited, but this is akin to the Jets beating the Colts in Week 16. What really matters is the gold medal.

But this does give the United States team a ton more confidence, while Canada skated off the ice with that shellshocked look typically reserved for Gomer. Canada looked so nervous during the game, you had to wonder if Tony Dungy was over there calling the plays. The Canadian team looked like they had the steely resolve of native son Michael J. Fox during that game, especially Martin Brodeur.

Overall though, this was a thrilling game and for somebody like me, who has seen the Team USA and the Los Angeles Kings return to relevance in the same year, I am now looking forward to the Stanley Cup Finals.

STILL NOT getting passed the Michael J. Fox joke, right? Moving along.

AT LEAST Canada still has curling. The Canadian women looked confident and poised, a stark contrast from the men's hockey team. And that broad who is the main curler for Canada, she looks like she should be starring in The Real Housewives of Canadian Curling. She has that look.

BTW, there seems to be some controversy brewing over the crowds at curling, that they might be a little too cheerful. Are you kidding me? Your drinking game is in the Olympics, be glad people show up at all. If anything, you should be made to do shots if you miss all of the other stones on the ice. So be happy that 'excessive cheering' is all you have to deal with.

HAS ANYBODY watched this Boss Undercover show on CBS? Wow, watched the 7-11 and Hooters episodes back-to-back. Good stuff.


I feel like this will be a big week. Maybe more than two posts. Yep, I am feeling it.


Pierre LePud said...

And that broad who is the main curler for Canada

Name's Cheryl Bernard, and she can take the stones to the hoose if you follow me, eh.

Seitz said...

I'm with you on the 1980 comparisons. I mean, it was only 14 years ago that we bitchslapped Canada in the World Cup of Hockey. We've won the World Juniors twice in the last six years, and a lot of the guys on this team are from the development system that produced those teams.

But damn if it's not fun to watch Drew Doughty. You're watching the best defenseman in the NHL for the next 15 years.