Monday, February 15, 2010

The Post Mortem: Let the Saints Have Fun

Peter King noticed that the Saints have been having certainly been reveling the Super Bowl win for a few days now. And while the Latte King doesn't believe the Saints are prone to be the Buster Douglass of the football world, just pointing it out (even while defending it) seems to do a disservice to the team.

In a sport where coaches have to take a leave of absence because they are driving themselves to a heart attack before the age of 50, maybe we should be encouraging the Saints to celebrate even more.

Look at the way Rex Ryan behaves following his team's success. Ryan is flipping the bird to UFC fans (who likely deserved it), showing his tremendous girth at a Carolina Panthers game and generally having a good time.

And if you looked at Ryan and Urban Meyer, who do you think would be more likely to have a heart attack, just from a physical standpoint?

So let's allow the Saints to have some fun. Seriously, does the NFL season really need to stretch all 52 weeks of the year?

Maybe having a little fun allowed the Saints to rally from a 10-point deficit, instead of playing from ahead to lose like Gomer and the Colts famously did. And you know Gomer has been reading defenses every day since the Super Bowl.

DOES ANYBODY have a good reason why the Olympic games are on tape delay? Are we moving closer to having the Super Bowl on tape delay? Imagine how fun that would be if the Super Bowl was on a delay on the West Coast. And as ridiculous as that seems, how does tape delaying the Olympics make any sense to anybody?

Although, we could have used an edited version of the Daytona 500. Yeah, that's a great spot you have there. A nearly two-hour delay because of a pothole? Try driving on the 405, jerks.

Talk about butching up, people. Yes, I am glad that Danica Patrick at least gave something noteworthy about this weekend which was nothing more than an unmitigated bust.


Screenwriter Kevin Smith was tossed off a Southwest plane for being too fat. Well, it was either that or Jersey Girl. And now fat people every where are planning a boycott of Southwest. To which I say, how can I get a seat on a Southwest plane? Please fat people, boycott Southwest. That would make those flights enjoyable.


Tony Dungy said...

Did everyone catch my great Super Bowl call? How sick was that?

It's too bad my holy purity prohibits me from wagering on games. I'd be able to buy new riding lawnmowers for each of my friends on the Indiana Family Council!

Bokolis said...

Flying has become such a hassle that, wherever possible, I drive. but I have no sympathy for fat people. If I remember correctly, Kevin Smith was flying somewhere within driving distance...but for his morbid obesity- no way he could make it without stopping to eat/shit. They should have made him walk.

The irony of the pothole delay is that there must have been at least 1000 guys in the stands who could have done a quicker and better job patching up that pothole than those mooks did.

The Hatriot said...

Please THN! No more posts! I can't get any work done!

Bain said...

I wonder if Smith was on his way to an elected official event?

(sound of three, maybe four, spit takes)

Diane said...

Zero Olympics posts?

I haven't been watching much of the Olympics, given that NBC delays showing it to the West Coast (in, of course, the actual same time zone as Vancouver), until somewhere around 3 am, but . . . I did tune in last night to watch Shaun White.

The Flying Tomato is incredible.

THN said...

Rough week for me, I should be coming back with a couple of posts next week.

Sad as it may be, but sometimes I have to get my work done.