Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Sailing Away ... with the Raiders

The Raiders announced Monday the creation of a seven-day "Raidercruise" along the Mexican Riviera.

And to be honest, that is a very big tee right there, but I will definitely take the high road on this one.

Sorry, that is just way too easy.


Vaclav said...

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Bain said...

Hundreds of Raider fans gathered together on the high seas? They tried this before: it was called Alcatraz. I heard they originally wanted to embark in March, but it's taking longer than expected to replace the cabin doors with iron gates and surround the outdoor rec area with concertina wire.

Seriously, if you want to send Raider Nation on a cruise, why not just strap a couple giant pontoons to CSP-Corcoran and flood the land around it till it floats out to sea?

Bokolis said...

shhhhhh...It's all a big ruse to put Al out to pasture.

The Hatriot said...

You know, I saw a cruise ship in the harbor yesterday with bad stick-on window tint, a chain ship's wheel and no insurance. I just assumed it was the Dodgers' boat.

THN said...

Well done.