Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gomer Did Not Shake Hands

Gomer sulked off the field following Super Bowl XLIV and did not congratulate Saints QB Drew Brees or any members of the Saints.

And I honestly do not care.

Truly, I love beating down Gomer as much as possible. When it is deserved. Gomer certainly does not deserve the mild scorn he is receiving for this. Of course, Cavs guard LeBron James was ripped unmercifully for walking off the court after losing in the Eastern Conference Finals.

You do not need to use your imagine as to why James would get a lot of grief for this, and Gomer does not.

But THN backed James when he ran off the court, so we will extend the same courtesy to Gomer here, too. The whole notion of hand shakes after the games seems so silly. You just won. Celebrate your good fortune. Having to condescend to the loser takes a lot of the joy out of the moment.

It's a lot like that scene in Independence Day when everybody is congratulating and cheering after the alien ship goes down. And poor Adam Baldwin is the only guy who runs into Randy Quaid's son, who just blew himself up to save the world. You know Baldwin had to be thinking to himself was like, "Really? Humanity is saved and I have to talk to this buzz kill. Look kid, I am sorry your dad is gone. I doubted him, too, but let's party!"

Or how about when Billy Bob Thorton makes eye contact with Liv Tyler in Armageddon? Seriously, you just organized a mission to send a bunch of roughnecks into space to save the world, may I have a moment to myself to celebrate? Again, sorry your dad is gone, but he just saved the freaking world.

So no, Gomer walking off the field without shaking hands does not make him a douche. He is a douche for many, many, many other reasons. Although, hopefully Gomer will shake hands with the key grip and best boy after he makes another one of his insufferable commercials this offseason.


Bain said...

After watching Gomer's postgame presser, I'm not suprised by this--he didn't even know where he was.

They had a mic on Gomer as he was leaving the field.

烤肉 said...


Bokolis said...

Bokolis will shake hands if they block my way back to the bench. Of course, I AM a dick...and comfortable with it.

Shaking hands is a matter of personal preference. They're playing for the "strap," not going out for post-game cocktails.

word verif: dowtsh...close enough to douche, no?

THN said...

Ah, sure. We'll give it to you.

Fletch said...

Wow - a reference to both ID4 and Armageddon. What, no Deep Impact for the trifecta?