Friday, January 29, 2010

The Weak Ender: Commence the Leinart Era

Time to welcome Matt Leinart as the new quarterback of the Cardinals. At least for a couple of weeks.

Leinart will not be the starting quarterback for the Cardinals in 2010. Coach Ken Whisenhunt tried to get Brian St. Pierre the backup job, and St. Pierre’s claim to fame is that some dude tried to impersonate him to meet chicks a couple of years ago.

The Cardinals will either pick up a veteran signal caller (likely regardless) or they will turn to the draft at one of the quarterbacks who fall.

(Photo explanation: We were going to run those hot tub pics, but THN wants only to show chicks of legal age, so here are the Song Girls. Not that Leinart worked his way through these broads, because Leinart likes more Amazon type of girls.)

HERE ARE THN’s thoughts on the Pro Bowl:

FORMER FLORIDA QB Tim Tebow has made huge news this week. Not because of his dreadful performance during Senior Bowl practices. Rather because Tebow will appear in a controversial ad during the Super Bowl, supporting the ride-to-life crusade. And this is a smart move for Tebow, because this is about as close as he will come to ever being a factor in the Super Bowl.

But this being America, you cannot have an opposite view of somebody without a protest. And those people protesting Tebow’s ad are dead wrong. Well, there methods are wrong.

If somebody, in this economy, is willing to pay $2 million for a 30-second commercial, you let them. And when that commercial comes on, you ignore it, like I will be. Honestly people, if somebody has an opinion that you do not agree with, you have the right – as an American – to ignore it.

Or if you feel strongly about it, you can raise $2 million of your own money and offer a counter-commercial. But there are more pressing things to be spending money on.

Here is what is likely to happen. Groups will continue to protest the ad. CBS will eventually buckle and pull the ad. Tebow and his group will get more publicity than they deserve AND will get to save $2 million because the ad will not air.

Congratulations, you just go out-smarted by a bunch of people who think that the dinosaurs are extinct because they drowned after the Titanic crashed moving them to Europe.


Higher ratings on Sunday, Celbitch vs. Lakers or the Pro Bowl?


Diane said...

I couldn't disagree with you more. Pro-choice people sat back and ignored the rantings of the lunatic right long enough, while they whittled away at our rights. And as a member of the part of the populace with two X chromosomes, let me tell you it gets tiring being repeatedly thrown under the bus (See, Stupak Amendment) and told to just smile, take it or ignore it.

Fuck Tim Tebow, and Fuck CBS for airing the ad.

Bain said...

If somebody, in this economy, is willing to pay $2 million for a 30-second commercial, you let them.

Heh... that "in this economy" qualifier stands out like the big flap in the back of grandpa's long johns. I'm going to go on a limb and guess that it was dropped in there so that when someone points out that CBS refused to air a pro-gay United Church of Christ ad at the 2004 bowl, you can reply, "well, the economy was better."

Anyway, pleased as I am that Mrs. Tebow decided to keep Motorboat Jr., I wonder if she would have kept Paul Lynde.

THN said...

I don't disagree with any of that really, I just don't understand who a 30-second ad is going to change somebody's mind.

Tim Tebow has not changed my views on abortion one way or the other in his four years at Florida. Thirty seconds while I am watching the biggest football game of the year is not going to change my mind.

And like Bain says, in this economy, CBS should not be refusing any ad. Just like the Tebow ad won't make he pro-life, an ad featuring two males kissing is not going to make me gay.

Seriously, if repeated viewings of Top Gun did not make me gay, nothing is.

DAWUSS said...

Do pro-choicers get wrecked asunder? Just asking...

Is abortion discussed in the bible at all?

Diane said...

With the possible exception of Verne Lundquist, I doubt Tebow will change anyone's views on abortion. But the anti-choice faction in this country has gained disproportionate political clout by being louder than pro-choicers, and it's time to fight back.

p. s. I do actually realize that THN isn't really the proper forum for feminist rants.

THN said...

D, you have the floor. And we brought up the Tebow thing so you can say whatever you want.

Ted Haggard said...

I was straight as an arrow right up until about the fourth dick.

Bain said...

Ruh roh... That crunch you just heard was the economic argument hitting the sidewalk. CBS just rejected an ad from a gay dating site, money or no.

Like it or not, get ready for a very political Super Bowl, brought to you by Focus On Family, CBS, and the world's butchest sports league.

THN said...

Brett Favre's ass slapping is o.k.?

THN said...

I wish CBS would have cut away from Visanthe Shiancoe's manhood a few years back.

THN said...

Again, as I said before, in this economy, how do you justify turning down $3 million? F CBS, you somehow make NBC look smart.

Bain said...

They had to know this was going to happen. I think CBS/NBC/ABC create controversies like this and the Leno thing just to remind people that they're still on the air. The second the clock hits 0:00, I and most people will be flipping over to Celebrity Rehab or Sábado Gigante or Papillon: Director's Cut.

buckyor said...

I think Tim Tebow is the official mascot of CBS Sports. Funny thing is that most wingnuts think CBS is run by bolsheviks, since Dan Rather used to work there, you know.

I don't know that too many will be switching from XLIV to watch Don Francisco and a bunch of latin honeys since that show is on, you know, Sabado.

Bain said...

Maybe not up in Nova Scotia, but reruns play here on domingo, pinche culero.

buckyor said...

Up here in the Maritimes, we don't even get Spanish-language television, not even with digital cable. We do have a French station, however. I don't watch it as much as I used to Univision, however. The women just don't measure up.

Bokolis said...

I know first hand that most of those ads go for a good amount less than the $2.8MM (or whateever) rate.

That said, we're watching football...the ads shouldn't get more complicated than dick jokes.

I'd be offended at Tebow's virginity, but I know it's only a matter of time before he tastes his first dick.

We can't go by what the Church says so, if I ever meet God, I'll do my {s}damnedest{/s} best to get back here and relay His views on abortion. In the meantime, lacking a Moses moment, I suppose we can carry on.

Bain said...

btw, the Papillon director's cut does feature some nice titty.

Maybe not the volume of titty that Don Francisco gets, but still... nice titty.