Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Top Moments of the Decade: Runner Up The Tuck Rule

Before we even start … the tuck rule is one of the dumbest rules in NFL history. There is no doubt about that. But, the enforcement of the tuck rule against the Raiders is one of the greatest moments in any decade.

Any time the Raiders are ‘screwed’ is a good thing.

Honestly, the tuck rule is an instant argument ender with any Raiders fan.

The Raiders have won the most games since 1963? Tuck rule.

The Raiders are well represented in the Hall of Fame? Tuck rule.

The Raiders have won three Super Bowls? Tuck rule.

Because no matter what the Raiders have accomplished in their illustrious or dubious history, the tuck rule will always turn a Raiders fan into a ball of white-hot rage like a family-rights politician at a pride rally.

And the fact that Jon Gruden is still chapped about it is – as Orville would say – delicious. Actually, I don’t think that Gruden is all that worked up about it anymore. If anything, I believe that Gruden is so mad at the Raiders, that he secretly relishes that tuck rule because it kept Al Davis from winning another title.

That might be more rooted in fantasy than reality, but I can dream damn it.

Plus the tuck rule has fueled the delusions of Raiders fans who believe that there is a conspiracy against their team. But here is the newsflash, nobody has to conspire against the Raiders. The team does a pretty good job of shooting itself in the foot.

Take the Mike Leach news for instance. Many believe that Leach could be the next coach for the Raiders. The sad thing – for them – is that they could be right. Leach seems like the kind of guy the Raiders would bring in, just when Tom Cable seems to have the organization heading into the right direction. Because Cable was correct when he said that his team could have won with any quarterback other than JaMarcus Russell. The Raiders were surely better than the Chargers in Week 1.

But I digress. The tuck rule still is the symbol of Raiders futility during the decade. And what the meth head Raiders fans fail to realize is that the tuck rule was called correctly. As stated up top, the tuck rule is one of the dumbest rules ever. But called correctly in that instance.

And again, it screwed the Raiders. What is not to like?


RockFromSoCal said...

You should update your post. Gannon told he's the one who needs help by Al Davis: tuck rule.

Now that Colt McCoy has injured his shoulder, it's a lock the Raiders pick him eighth overall. Just watch.

Diane said...

Which will we get first - the top moment of the last decade, or the next installment of why your team won't win the super bowl?

THN said...

Hey the Super Bowl Buzz Kill was on time this year. Even with that troublesome site. We nearly nailed it.

But very funny, D. Very funny.

biglebronski said...

Too bad for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers that the tuck rule was not enforced today...