Monday, January 11, 2010

Say Hello to the Bad Guy: Steve Breaston

The thing that makes this celebration really sing is that he picked a semi-obscure wrestler. You have to be a real fan to recognize Razor Ramon. Anybody can do the Hulk Hogan cup the ear. The Ric Flair strut. Or maybe the Chris Benoit throat-slash. (Well, maybe you do not want to do that one.) Going to the vault for a 1990s wrestler is pretty cool.

Some NFL player should some day grab the referees mic and give the 'Three I's.'


The Hatriot said...

You know, I've been inspired by Mark McGwire's courage and I have a confession of my own to make:
For the last ten years I've done crystal methamphetamine every workday. I'm ashamed of this and I apologize. The pressure of having to get up at 0500, not for a 162 games, but for 250 workdays every year was just too much for me. I used it when I was hungover or just didn't get enough sleep. Just like Mark, I wasn't in danger of getting fired if I hadn't done this performance enhancing substance. My numbers would have been good enough, but I wanted the raises and attention that came with elevated performance. I wish I hadn't worked during the crystal meth era. I wish my work had had drug testing. We wouldn't be having this conversation now, I can tell you.

I can haz hall of fame nao?

Bokolis said...

250 workdays? I wouldn't know what to do with all the free time.

I'm not sorry to have come of age during the coke-slut era. But, I am sorry E took over b/c broads didn't want to fcuk on E. I had to move to a place behind the times...where the coke-slut era lived on...where the Hall toothpick flick played...I knew Breaston was doing something, but I couldn't figure it out.

Bokolis said...

You changed "Jericho" to "Benoit" at some point, didn't you? ah-haha.

Wherever that Woman was, spit always ended badly.

Bain said...

There's another wrestling bit he could've done, but I'm not going to say it. If I'm not already going to hell for thinking it, then I know I'm going to hell for giggling when I thought it.

Those of you who know what I'm referring to and giggled, well, I'll see you in hell, too.