Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Post Mortem: No Use Delaying the Inevitable

Has there ever been a more punchable face in the world?

And is there any value in believing that the Saints are going to be able to beat the Colts, saving us from a world where Gomer will be viewed as the best quarterback of his generation? We have two weeks to make the case for the Saints being able to stop the Colts and winning their first Super Bowl.

But it is not going to happen.

The Colts are going to win the Super Bowl. There is just no way around it. The Chargers seem to be the only team capable of shutting down Gomer at this point, but they treat non-Colts playoff games like Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie treat the Golden Globes – they just do not show up. (But at least Norv Turner got that extension.)

So the Colts get another cake-walk to the Super Bowl. At least the Saints should put up more of a fight than the Bears did a few years ago, but let’s not kid ourselves.

Look at what Gomer did. The Jets jumped out to a 17-3 lead, but you knew that there was nothing that was going to stop Gomer. Of course, had the Jets been able to get a first down in the final two minutes, we would be looking at a different game. But Gomer has gotten over the yips, somehow. And those patented, Favre-like interceptions he was known for are a thing of the past.

And it is a sad f-ing day. The media handies for the entitled, Southern aristocrat will continue. And the Haters will no longer be able to point to playoff meltdowns as his Achilles Heel.

Honestly, Gomer and A-Rod are now clutch. Did you ever think that you would see that day? Seriously, why do I still like sports?

THE SAINTS will not be allowed to have a Super Bowl viewing party at the Superdome. Obviously they remember what happened the last time they allowed a lot of New Orleans citizens into the dome when there was not a game being played.

YOU KNOW which member of the Vikings wants to Brett Favre to return more than anybody? RB Adrian Peterson. Not because Peterson had career highs in many offensive categories, including touchdowns. Rather, nobody remembers who much AP fumbles when Favre is out there in gun-slinger mode.

Honestly, even Cleveland Gary was embarrassed by the number of times that Peterson was putting the ball on the ground in New Orleans. Nobody cares, though, the gun-slinger cost the Vikings the game.

But that was a bad pass by Favre, but where was the effort by Sidney Rice? Good lord.


I understand that they are brothers, but Eli cheering on Gomer was not a flattering look. But did provide countless entertainment. Seriously, that guy won a Super Bowl?


DAWUSS said...

How the hell am I going to survive 7 more months of this? I survived the 2007 offseason where I had to deal with Super Bowl XLI Championship imagery everywhere I went, and it's something I don't want to do again.

Even worse is that Marvin Harrison ain't on the team this time around.

Here's to hoping Drew Brees isn't another Rex Grossman. And that America's Soccer Mom and Eli Messiah don't receive 24/7 camera time...

Speaking of which, any news from Cooper or J.J.?

shwn said...

I would love the saints to win the superbowl so fine Kim Kardashian can get a ring.Plus Pres Obama has endorsed the saints.

RockFromSoCal said...

I'm going for the Saints. I'd love to see Drew Brees with more Super Bowl rings than A.J. Smith.

Diane said...

N. O. has beignets, Lafitte's, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Indianapolis has a race track.

Is anyone outside of Indiana not named Manning rooting for Indy?

Tony Dungy said...

Fat, drunk, and wreaked asunder is no way to go through life, son.

Bokolis said...

For calling the Favre blowup at work, I'm still catching crap from the Boss. My bonus, which comes in 3 weeks, has probably already been chopped in half- and I'm not talking about the half that the government takes. The den mother around here is a Colts fan...don't ask me why and how. Am I rooting for the Saints? Quietly.

buckyor said...

nobody remembers who [sic] much AP fumbles when Favre is out there in gun-slinger mode.

I think it was Banks in SI who wrote Monday about how Peterson had managed to keep his fumbling under control late in the season. Since the Bears game. In other words, two whole games without a fumble.

He also got a total of 117 yards rushing in those two games. In fact, you have to go back more than two months, against the Lions, to find a game where Peterson got over 100 yards. But no one was calling for his head.

You're damned right he wants Favre back. Next year with Tavaris Jackson, people are gonna look at those numbers and ask, "Who the fuck is this guy?"

Bain said...

Plus Pres Obama has endorsed the saints.

Let's just hope the Saints don't play like Obama and the Dems. Should that happen, expect them to repeatedly march the ball down to Colts 1-yard line... and then punt.

Leading 59-41 after one quarter, the Saints will then shock everyone watching by handing the Lombardi trophy to Indy and abandoning the game.

Color commentator Joe Lieberman will declare the Colts victory "a resounding rejection of the Saints agenda," while sideline reporter Pat Robertson will see the win as God's retribution for homosexuality, shellfish cuisine, and brown people practicing voodoo.

buckyor said...

What, no mention of the KWM's retirement? What, it's been 2 hours already!

THN said...

Refusing to believe it.