Monday, January 04, 2010

The Post Mortem: Boise State Wins Second National Championship

Congratulations to Boise State for winning its second national championship in three years. What an amazing accomplishment for Chris Petersen and his program. Incidentally, what are Dan Hawkins and Dirk Koetter doing right now?

Honestly, I have no interest in watching the Alabama vs. Texas game on Thursday night. That game will be anti-climatic. There are people who believe that Boise State and TCU could not hang with Alabama and Texas.

Those people are idiots.

Texas would not score on Boise State or TCU. For all of the love the 'mid-majors' of college football get running gimmick offenses and trick plays, they do play really good defense. The Long Horns were shutdown by one guy and should have lost in the Big XII championship game.

And the Crimson Tide? I saw all that I needed to see last year when Alabama was mud-holed by Utah in the Sugar Bowl. You can argue that Alabama was not 'into it,' but I can only judge by what I see on the field. Alabama is overrated. Not to play the common opponent game but ...

Tennessee nearly beat Alabama. UCLA beat Tennessee. Do you think the Bruins are good?

Oregon looked pretty good this year, and Boise State shut them down.

The thought that college has these super power conferences is a notion as antiquated as the wishbone in college football.

Boise State has won two BCS bowl games. Utah has a nice bowl victory. Only Hawaii was overmatched.

The two best teams played on Monday night, and the best team won.

Now, there are some of you that do not like college football. That these bowl games are really exhibitions. And you know, what. You have a point.

Because the Colts have put up a pretty good effort recently. The Patriots lost Wes Welker in a near meaningless game. And look here, the first round of the NFL playoffs have three rematches of Week 17. Yeah, the NFL has awesome games this time of year, too.

The Bengals looked like they would have rather of been any place else on Sunday night. You know once that game was flexed into the night game, the Bengals were planning on laying down. At least 85 tried to get some interest going, yet he ended up falling down during pregame warmups and taking himself out of the game.

The Chargers tried to mail it in, yet the Redskins were so inept, there was no possible way for San Diego to lose. And it was January, so it could have lost.

You know, moving this to Tuesday because Week 17 was such an epic fail, I cannot even remember what else happened.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How much trouble with Broncos coach Josh McDaniels be in if Brandon Marshall's dad worked for ESPN?

HERE IS what USC was saying to the NCAA with its ridiculous self-imposed sanctions of the basketball program: Please do not touch our football program.

AND FINALLY, Ohio State did good, beating Oregon. Does this erase all of the previous embarrassments? Not really. But the Big Ten and Mountain West were two conferences that really helped themselves during the bowl season. The Big East and Pac-10, not so much.

So Buckeyes fans -- or just WCT -- take the floor, that was an amazing win.

And Terrelle Pryor looked amazing. Imagine who great he would be playing for Oregon. Wow.


Seitz said...

what are Dan Hawkins and Dirk Koetter doing right now?

Recruiting kids that can read, maybe? Doesn't Boise State, like Fresno State, build its teams on partial qualifiers? It's supposed to be a pretty good school academically, all things considered, but I thought I remember hearing that their admission standards were not what one might call Pac 10 caliber. But someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, Rory Markas just died, damnit.

THN said...

Koetter is the offensive coordinator for the Jaguars ... so he is still dealing with people who cannot read.

Sad news about Rory.

WCT said...

See the thing is, us Buckeye fans, we're not like SEC fan, or Yankee fan. We win gracefully. No need to gloat.

Plus, I really like Oregon. It would've been a lot more satisfying to beat a Pac-10 team I hate. Too bad they were playing a crappy bowl game in a baseball stadium against BC...

The Bain said...

How about Kyle Orton? I haven't seen balls flying around so indiscriminately since the time I wandered into George Takei's dressing room.

Bain again said...

Off topic, wtf is the deal with Underwear Bomb Fail?

Half the effing country out of work, families being forced into the streets, economy in the toilet, but according to Wolf Blitzer, I'm supposed to be losing sleep over Underwear Bomb Fail?

If underwear bombs are the true sign our impending doom, then the old bag in front of me in the checkout line at Walgreen's this afternoon uncorked the Four Horsemen in her Depends.

Craig Spicer said...

Very interesting article. I do have to slight the TCU's and BSU's a little bit because of their conference. And I know you've heard that, but here's a different take. I feel as though it's easier for BSU to get up for every game because they know they have to win to have any shot at a BCS bowl. Not only do they have to win, but they have to win convincingly. That is why they do not have a let-down game against an opponent they are supposed to dominate. They know they have to put up 50+ points to make a strong case. So it is a bit easier to get up for those games and continue to pour it on, when the SEC teams are i dog fights week in and week out. However, I do think BSU and TCU would finish in the top half of the SEC and Pac-10. Very good football teams built around defense. I have some thoughts of the Fiesta bowl on my blog. Check it out. I love your work. Keep it up.

THN said...

Good thoughts, Chris.

Hard to give much love to the WAC, but do realize that they are getting every team's best effort when they are playing. So they have to be sharp. Les Miles showed that you can -- in some years -- lose two games, even some at home, and still get into the national championship game. In fact, if Alabama previous had one loss, I still believe they would be in the BCS title game because the SEC seems to have an automatic bid.

Well, except for Auburn.

The Mountain West is more tricky because it was great during the bowl season (4-1). BYU beat Oklahoma on the road. We all know about Utah. And there were some other great wins. So they seem more legitimate to me. And the conference is pretty good outside of bumbling San Diego State, Colorado State and UNLV.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

good stuff. but i think Bama would shut out Boise and maybe TCU. Who knows though, the system is pretty wack

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