Sunday, January 03, 2010

First Look: Why Didn't ESPN Talk About Leach?

ESPN was really lacking in its coverage of the (whatever mini-mart was sponsoring) Texas Tech-Michigan State bowl game. I mean, you would have thought at one point the announce team of Mike Patrick and Bob Davie would address the Mike Leach situation.

Only in a perfect world.

Patrick acted like the Joseph Goebbels of ESPN by doing his best to bury Leach while making and his dad – ESPN employee – Craig James seem like heroic victims of a maniacal coach. And what is disgusting is that Davie would be out there burying one of his coaching brethren like that. For shame.

Patrick comes from the Joe Buck school of announcing where he wants to mix in color commentary with his play-by-play. How about just calling the game, Patrick? Nobody cares what you think. Especially when you do not know what you are talking about.

Patrick said that most trainers do not treat a concussion by sticking a person in a dark room. Although any medical website will tell you that one of the symptoms of a concussion is sensitivity to light. Which means, putting them in a dark room would be a good idea.


Patrick and Davie failed to put the James family in any negative light, even with whispers that Craig James bullied Leach to play his son – like that episode of Diff’rent Strokes where Mr. Drummond buys uniforms so Arnold will play – and is using this as a possible attempt to run for the Senate.

Now, my snap judgment of Adam James – just from watching him in that stupid ski cap – is that he is a d-bag and likely deserved what he received. Him jumping around and mugging for the camera after the players doused the interim coach Ruffin McNeal with a Gatorade bath sealed that notion.

And really, that was a huge night for McNeal with the win and complete Titleist washing by Patrick.

But the biggest point missing from all of this is that Adam James just needs to butch up a little bit. The coach yelled at you (and there is video out there of it now), who cares? You suck it up and go on. There are lots of Division I college athletes who get yelled at by their coach. But only you, Adam, are a baby enough to complain about it. This is why nobody likes you.

The is only news because your dad works for ESPN. Which means that Broncos coach Josh McDaniels should feel lucky that Brandon Marshall's dad does not work for ESPN.

Leach will end up being the big winner here when he wins his lawsuit and eventually starts coaching a WAC or Mountain West team.

The losers are us who have to watch this stuff.

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