Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Look: Things Bad QBs Should Not Do

Eagles QB Donovan McNabb's pregame ritual was hilarious.

Just not for the reasons that he intended.

If you are the worst big-game quarterback in the NFL, you would be better served to keep your mouth shut and run out onto the field.

Maybe those Cowboys fans lining the entrance should just be happy that McNabb did not throw up, like he is known to do during big games.

Why does everybody scrub McNabb's Titleists like he is some great quarterback? What the hell has this guy ever done during his career? McNabb wins a ton of regular-season games. But the playoffs are another matter. So much so, I often feel like Archie Manning knocked up some Nubian princess, meaning Donovan is really a member of the Manning family.

McNabb has shown nothing in his career. Now a lot of the apologists say that McNabb has never had anything to work with during his career. Who exactly were the standout offensive weapons surrounding Tom Brady during his playoff run?

McNabb has had the benefit of playing on a team that great defenses during his tenure. The Eagles have long been solid on defense, even in the wake of Jim Johnson's passing this year.

Still, him and Andy Reid have nothing to show for it. At some point, people are going to have to acknowledge the fact that McNabb is an above average quarterback, but not one of the NFL's elite.

And McNabb is not the only one who has to answer some questions, too.

  • Tony Romo, thank you for finally winning a playoff game. That does not matter in Dallas. You have to win the whole thing to be considered among the team's great quarterbacks -- Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach.

  • Drew Brees. Great regular-season. Now do something in the playoffs. Though a one-and-done seems highly likely for the NFC's No. 1 seed.

  • Philip Rivers needs to win the Super Bowl, what with Eli Messiah and Ben Roethlisberger holding three rings between them.

But at least none of the above mentioned acted like a jackass during the playoffs. And seriously, am I the only one who sees this stuff regarding McNabb? I feel like I am taking crazy pills or something.


RockFromSoCal said...

I swear McNabb ripped off some WCW wrester's entrance moves. Rey Mysterio? I think that's who.

Romo still deserves that #9 spot on NFL Network's Top Ten Meltdowns as long as Danny White has more playoff victories.

Bokolis said...

Nubian princess? You mean McNabb's mom isn't the broad in the soup commercial?!?

It was set up like a wrestling entrance- I didn't see it live to know whether they had special entrance music- so McNabb must have gotten lost in the moment.

Because he always seems to get his comeuppance, I don't know if I'd call McNabb a jackass, but he definitely does things that are unbecoming his status and has no timing for that kind of stuff...that probably plays into why he gets his comeuppance.

kid vegas said...

ha, I saw that dance, it was definitely going to be mentioned in my QB ranking of McNabb, the second I saw that I knew Dallas would win, McNabb tries so hard to be cool, and just isn't even close...

Nevertheless I would not be surprised if Al Sharpton comes out against your blog, us whiteys are not allowed to point out how horrible McNabb is, remember what happened to your boy Limbaugh...

The Hatriot said...

So when the Plowboys lose to Grampy next week, does Plowboy "fan" switch to the Celtics jersey, the Red Wings sweater, or the old fallback- the Yankees Jeter jersey?

Anyone catch Dick Cheney's personal valet sitting in the owners' box in Dallas? Like we need another reason to carpet bomb Texas.

Bain said...

"And seriously, am I the only one who sees this stuff regarding McNabb? I feel like I am taking crazy pills or something."

You know, when they're teed this high it becomes a little like watching retarded kids swinging broomsticks at a piƱata.

My word is "dollog"--Cowboy fan lingo for the parts of the movie where people put down their guns and speak.

Bokolis said...

And, you're not crazy. I know more than my share of Eagles fans. They ALL- even the one who is a dead ringer for him- know this about McNabb.

ItTakesAThiefToCatchAThief said...

The Eagles defense blew this year. It blew before when they didn't have the lead. Frontrunners. Can't blame McNabb.