Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Moments of the Decade No. 2B: Oakland Fight Club

Nobody has done more to reach out to his team's fanbase than Raiders coach Tom Cable. While most evolved football fans see a coach sucker-punching an assistant coach as a bush-league maneuver that would be better served for the bullies running small-time Big XII programs, Raiders fans relish it.

"Hey, Cable taught that 'Essay' a lesson on respect, (female dogs)."

You know, the typical brain-dead response you have come to expect from Raiders fans.

Now some of you might argue that Cable's inclusion here might be because it happened so late in the decade and the incident is still fresh in our minds. And you would probably be correct. But come on. This is an NFL coach be investigated by the police for assault.

Normally that is just the Raiders fans. Which again shows that Cable is trying to form a bond with the Raiders fans. Could you imagine the Raiders being coached by a felon? Cable probably would not be allowed in the stadium because he could not be within 100 feet of known felons. Which of course is nearly every Raiders fan in attendance.

So this was a bold move. Hopefully Davis recognizes the great lengths that Cable has gone through to make him 'one of them.' Cable is like the white guy in American Me who becomes the head of the Mexican Mafia. Hopefully that will be enough to bring him back next year.

Oh and for the record, Randy Hanson is kind of a female dog, but still.

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