Monday, December 28, 2009

The Post Mortem: Parity Rules!

Hats off to the new NFL tradition of closing your stadium with a loss. The Cowboys played like, well the Tony Romo-led Cowboys during the closing of Texas Stadium. So Eli Messiah figured he could do one better by completely embarrassing himself against one of the biggest underachieving teams in the league to close out Giants Stadium.

Well done, Eli. That contract that the Giants are stuck with likely will not kill them during the uncapped year. But he is hoping that the salary cap does not shrink post lockout in 2011.

But seriously, the Giants had a playoff berth on the line and that was effort you put out? Against the Panthers were who were already mailing it in?

And speaking of the playoffs, what happened to all of this parity? One week left in the regular season and the NFC playoff players are already set? Sure, there is still a scramble for the NFC East, but there is nothing compelling after the Vikings closed the door by locking up the No. 2 spot on Monday night. (Alright, Arizona could land the No. 2 seed, but that looks like the Eagles to lose at this point. But who knows.)

The AFC has some intrigue. There is something to be said about the Broncos have the No. 5 spot at the moment, ahead of Raven and the Jets. Hilariously though, if those three teams tied, Raven would leap over the Broncos. So there is that.

But when the Raiders are a player in the final week of the season – as a possible spoiler – then you do not have much to crow about.

NBC flexed the Jets and Bengals game into the mix, but honestly, why not move the Raiders-Raven to the prime time spot? If the Redskins can have back-to-back prime time games, give Charlie Frye his chance to shine, people.

And can we say something about the Jets here? How lucky are the Jets that they have the most fortuitous schedule outside of the Giants? The Colts when they are laying down, followed by the Bengals when they could care less. Awesome stuff guys.

Giants ownership is already pissed about the Jets good fortune and is demanding a December which will include Rutgers in 2010.

The Giants might be granted that wish.

AND FINALLY, what the hell Vikings. That looks like it could end up coming back on Brett Favre, but this loss was not on him. He played well enough to win. But where is the Vikings defense? You let Jay Cutler do that to you? Antonie Winfield ... you should be ashamed.

Like I said above, though, the Birds have a chance for a No. 2 seed if they beat the Packers and the Eagles lose. So this turned out to be a good thing


Bokolis said...

Gosh darnet! Would'ya sit still?! Actually, this is better, as that other site always acts up on the work comp.

If the Giants insist on paying him, they should use all the suckers' PSL money to move all of Eli's salary to the uncapped year. They still scheduled (insert # of losses) tough opponents. If you can believe it, parking at a Rutgers game is much more of a hassle than parking at the Meadowlands.

The 'glitch' is because, apparently, in a three-way tie between Raven, the Broncos and Jets, they have to go down to the common opponents tie-breaker. The NFL's Mumbai customer service rep-level programmers can't write code that recognizes that they will have 4 common opponents after this week, so their ranking currently ignores that tie-breaker.

NBC should have flexed Eagles-Cowboys for the Division (and an Eagles bye). But, in its myopia, NBC decides to flex the Bengals-Jets game (in 20-degrees and wind) because the Jets have to win to get in...with Ochocinco on the sideline drawing "don't fine me" signs the entire second half. Cinci half-assing it just enough so that they get the Jets back at their place the following week is going to look real good. They must be looking for a booker for that.

THN said...

How lucky did the Jets get that the Colts and Jets were mailing it in over the final two weeks? This must anger us so much.

Fletch said...

I'm pushing for the Texans to finally make it to the(ir) promised land, but I doubt it'll happen. I expect the two teams I care about the least of the AFC playoff mix (Ravens and Jets) to be the ones that make it.