Monday, July 13, 2009

Yankees Fans Totally Rational

Seriously, if you listened to AM 830 (the Angels flagship) this morning, the Yankees fans comments echoed what many of them are saying here ... "You aren't good enough to beat the Red Sox."

What has happened that the Yankees have become so frustrated with the Angels that they are leaning on the Red Sox?

But this is by far my favorite comment of the day, taken from Pinstripe Alley. The blog is good, but this comment just killed me and ranks high for unintentional comedy.

year after year they play this team they are beaten soundly, especially when they go to the OC, I really wasn’t surprised. I actually was hoping for 1 win but I guess that was reaching on my part.
What really concerns me is the fact that they have to go out there during countdown time (Sept 21-23…actually Sept 18-23 but the 21-23 is against the Angels) and play them again. TPTB with Major league Baseball had to have known what they were doing because that could become a huge scenario especially if they need a few wins to even make the playoffs. Bud and his buddies must have said “How can we keep them out of the playoffs again” and someone said..“oh……. have them play the Angels in late September”"!!
The Yankees better get real good in the 2nd half b/c that series could kill them!!

Honestly, the powers that be in the MLB want to keep the Yankees out of the playoffs? Priceless.


Robster said...

Unbelievable. The Jays are getting ready to unload Roy Halladay and Vernon Wells on the cheap and the Orioles are, well, the Orioles. If the Yankees can't win 90 games in a division with those cream puffs then they don't deserve to go to the playoffs. The chance that the Angels will be the ones to put them out of their misery is just a bonus.

Diane said...

C'mon now. Everyone knows that the powers that be, or TPTB, as the cool kids say, are busy trying to figure out a playoff scenario that would allow the Sox and Yanks to meet in the World Series.

Doctor Johnny Fever said...

This loser must have watched the presser from Mrs. Palin two weeks ago and wanted to use the victim route.

What a jackoff.