Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Word About the All-Star Game

That stupid 2002 All-Star Game. All Bud Selig had to do was pull out the pitching screen and settle an all-star tie with a home run contest.

No, he had to call the game and then this all happened.

The All-Star Game suddenly needed to matter again. When the game certainly did not. Honestly, how much heat would Selig have taken if he would have settled the 2002 All-Star Game with a home run contest? Some would have taken shots. Especially those who just want to complain about everything.

But you could imagine that most people would have had a laugh, enjoyed the outcome and gone on with their lives. But that tie stuck with people worse than the cancellation of the 1994 World Series.

Come on, this was an All-Star Game. Nobody cares if the Pro Bowl, NHL or NBA All-Star Games end in a tie. But baseball had to overreact.

Because of that, Chone Figgins didn't get into the 2009 All-Star Game. Figgins had to scramble for a noon flight on Tuesday, fly to St. Louis and get to Busch Stadium with only minutes to spare. All to just sit on the bench and watch the game.

Some are going to blame Tampa Bay coach Joe Maddon. But you cannot. He had to save his bench in case of a tie and that indignity. So do not be too harsh on Joe. The Angels fans are not going to let him off the hook. But if the upside is getting Roy Halladay and an AL pennant, then it's all good.


Diane said...

It was a nice surprise to see Figgins there. I'm glad hr was able to go even if he didn't get to play.

GMoney said...

Well what did you expect? Maddon had to make sure that all of his players from his 3rd place team got into the game. THE FANS CAME TO SEE JASON BARTLETT AND BEN ZOBRIST, DAMMIT!

P-Cat said...

Like the idea of the home run contest in 2002. Wish someone would have gotten old Bud to do it. Would have been cool.

WCT said...

Which is worse: A) the fact that you just spent an entire post talking about the fact that Chone F-ing Figgins didn't get into the all-star game or B) the fact that I just read it.