Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Weak Ender: LIVE!

This picture of Marisa Miller from the ESPYs leads me to one question – they already filmed the ESPYs? The most self-serving of award shows (even more so than the Golden Globes) looks even worse in my estimation by being staged.

Filming on the dead day of sports (the Wednesday after the All-Star game when there is no sports at all going on) seems like a solid play. But why the hell is this award show taped? Are they afraid that some jilted mistress will come into the joint and blow away her millionaire boyfriend? (Though, that would be cool.) Are they afraid that somebody will mention how much they hate Chris Berman?

These are only reasons why the ESPYs should be shown live.
Who wouldn’t watch this on a Wednesday night with nothing going on? The guy on ESPN radio filling in for Calvin Cowherd today made another interesting point, why doesn’t the NBA have it’s draft on the Wednesday after the All-Star Game? The obvious answer is that the WNBA had a full slate of games (again, no major sporting events happen on the dead day of sports), but come on.

(And that’s a rant for another day. In this economy, why are they still wasting money on things like the WNBA?)

This just doesn’t seem to make sense. But this is ESPN. They are writing all of the rules right now.

MANNY RAMIREZ returned to Dodger Stadium on Thursday and was welcomed with open arms. Some are calling Dodgers fans hypocrites for not jeering Ramirez after the years of abuse heaped on Barry Bonds.

And while this may seem wrong, I’m going to back Dodger Fan here.

People seem to forget that Barry Bonds was a huge d-bag well before he ever stuck a needle in his bum. Bonds was a wife beater who through his wife down a flight of stairs. This is why people hate Barry Bonds. The steroids were just a bonus.

And come on, everybody has a juicer or two. You’d be naïve to think otherwise. So Dodger Fan, there was no harm welcoming back Manny Ramirez. If Garret Anderson was ever found to have used steroids, I would be disappointed, but I’d still likely forgive him.

ALRIGHT, THAT was a pretty good pitch by President Obama on Tuesday night. That sweeping curve would have had a right-handed hitting batter flailing.

AND FINALLY, the Tony RomoJessica Simpson breakup has received little attention here, and rightly so. People believe that now that Romo has lost his two biggest divas – Simpson and T.O. – he is on the verge of a big season.

Yeah, we will see that when we believe it. Romo was still up in Lake Tahoe this week swinging the sticks in the Pro-Am. And sure, Ben Roethlisberger was up there, too, but Big Ben was won a pair of Super Bowls during his brief NFL career. Camps are coming up, for sure. The players also have a right to get away.
But if you want to prove that you are dedicated to your team and getting back to the playoffs, maybe you can skip the golf tournament this year. You can still play golf, but how about going off the grid for a few weeks until the season starts? That shows me that Romo still doesn’t quite get what it means to be an NFL quarterback.

Truthfully, he might never do it.

Romo is without his convenient excuses this year. Romo has nobody to blame but himself when he falls on his face this season.


R.J. said...

Don't knock the WNBA too hard. When one of its star players gets suspended two games for a DWI you know they can't hide on page eleven of a twelve-page sports section with the offshore fishing tallies anymore.

Diane said...

Are you actually comparing a class act like Garret Anderson to Manny Ramirez? Here's hoping they stick the knitters (it's Stitch and Pitch) out in left field so I can drink beer, knit a cap for charity AND boo Manny.

Billy Bean said...

Barry Soetoro throws a wicked 56' curve ball... For a girl.

Bokolis said...

Barry O fell short of Dubya with his first pitch. Dubya got over a hanging change-up while in head-to-toe kevlar. Obama only has something on under the White Sox jacket, but Pujols had to come out front to catch his meatball.

Of course, that was Dubya's peak moment.

I'm wondering whether they'll have an ESPY for best murder of a partner. They've got themselves a couple of late female entries. But both were done while the cat was asleep...weak. Pity, though, because a RNC out your partner while they're still awake would definitely take the ESPY.

KJ said...

I hope Romo finally comes into his own this year, but I agree with you about serious QBs needing to get out of the "fun-zone" and get down to work. I felt the same way about Mark Sanchez and his GQ photos (wrote in my blog about it). I'm pretty sure that guy has not proven a damn thing yet and his focus should be more on gettig prepared more than kicking back and feeding the always hungry NY media market.

THN said...

I see Sanchez being such a bust.

Sun Devil said...

Dear THN,

Here's a link to the full Erin Andrews nude videos. Enjoy them before they're removed.

THN said...

Come on now, don't leave that here.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

i expect a full breakdown of the EA vids by Monday!

Brent M. and Steve L. said...

Link is broken, any more?