Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Weak Ender: Erin Andrews Takes Balls on Chin

Sorry it turns out it was one ball, singular.

Ah man, see all of the great things happen when you go on staycation. Erin Andrews was hit in the chin with a foul ball.

And there isn't any video of this?

And pity poor Mets infielder Alex Cora who hit the ball. The internets are full of people with unhealthy and irrational obsessions with Ms. Andrews. Cora probably has numerous hate groups organized on Facebook right now. I know, I learned the hard way when I dared to mention that Andrews might not be the hottest chicks in the world.

This is just one of those things that I'll never get. Much like the plot of LOST.

AND FINALLY, yeah I know, not much here. But there isn't much going on and like I said, I'm in the middle of a staycation so I'm limiting my computer time. But one thing I have seen scrawled across the screens is Chad Ochocinco's intention of Tweeting during NFL games.

On one hand, you hate to see an attention-seeking receiver make a bigger fool of himself by attempting to stay connected during a game. But on the other hand, you really like to see somebody tweak the ultra-conservative NFL. And really, you have to believe the NFL is likely most upset about Ochocinco's intention mainly because the league cannot make a buck off of it. Because you had better believe it, if the NFL could make any sort of money from No. 85 using Twitter during a game, then you the league certainly would.

And really, the NFL has sideline reporters stationed behind the benches to get the latest scoop during NFL broadcasts. So why would the league even care if somebody was using Twitter during the game? A Tweet from a player seems to be much better than a sideline reporter overhearing a conversation. But again, it's the money.

My guess, the NFL makes Twitter pay money to have players Tweet during the games. Maybe that's not as sexy as having Erin Andrews catch batting practice with her chin. But this could generate a new revenue stream for the league.


Bokolis said...

Having taken her in from about 20 feet (late last season at the Dump), I can say that she's better than good looking- bottom line is that 5'10" blondes are nice to look at. But, if you work on an island that has 15 - 18 million people on it, she's probably not the hottest bird you'll see on any given day.

Diane said...

Apparently, Artest won't be spending any of the $33 mil on dog food.

Kordell said...

Try Adam's apple.

WCT said...

I never thought I'd live to see the day that Erin Andrews made it as the Weak Ender chick.

What's next? You admitting that Pac-10 football blows and USC is an overrated fraud of a program that pays its players?


Robster said...

I think the whole Erin Andrews obsession thing has to do with what men can't have. Face it. There aren't that many men out there who have the cajones to ask out a tall woman, and if Erin were a few inches shorter she probably wouldn't be that popular.