Friday, June 05, 2009

The Weak Ender: Minka Still Available

For now, at least. Lyla Garrity is not engaged to Derek Jeter. And to be honest, I don't care that much. Instead, the biggest news is that Alex Rodriguez is dating Kate Hudson. And if you think we're going to lead The Weak Ender with Yoko Hudson, then you are greatly mistaken. (And for the record, I switched out the photo of Minka -- that's her real name -- because it just seemed odd to have her in that cheerleader uniform. But if you disagree, let me know.)

Hudson could play home wrecker again. Not between A-Rod and his wife. But rather the budding romance between A-Rod and Mark Teixeira. Have you ever seen those two guys carry on in the dugout? Good lord, I won't let my nephew watch Yankees games. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I don't think I should be the one answering those questions as to two why those two New York Yankees are making out.

Trust me, I support A-Rod's and Teixeira's right to marry, just don't make me have to explain it. That's all. The only question is, who makes the first inevitable move here? Neither A-Rod nor Teixeira are very good in the clutch.

Speaking of good in the clutch, good Lord Kobe Bryant put on a clinic on Thursday night. That game wasn't even close. The Lakers should probably sweep this thing, but this being the NBA, the Lakers will come out bored in Game 2 and allow the Magic to take at least one game in Los Angeles. Remember the Memorial Day Massacre?

The difference here is that this Magic club isn't as good as the 1985 Lakers, which rallied from that beating. But this Lakers team is pretty lazy. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong, here.

The Magic seem just content with being in the finals. Knocking off the Cavs looks like their great accomplishment. But we will find out Sunday.

GREAT COMEBACK by the Angels after the bullpen once again blew another lead. This act is going to get old over the summer. Still, maybe this crappy team ends up being the one that goes to the World Series instead of some of their better clubs.

AND FINALLY, these organized team activities are going to kill fantasy football owners.

Eagles RB Brian Westbrook will have ankle surgery Friday, and his fantasy value is plummeting as a result. Now the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Bears RB Matt Forte observed team practice after undergoing an MRI on Thursday. That’s just wonderful fantasy news — in Opposite Land.

There’s no reason to get too worked up because Forte doesn’t have the injury baggage that Westbrook is carrying. But Forte tops my fantasy draft board because he should have a huge season running and catching the ball from new QB Jay Cutler, giving him an advantage over Vikings RB Adrian Peterson.

So excuse any anxiety until we receive official word on Forte’s status. And no, Forte updating his Twitter account doesn’t count. Though the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that there is “no concern that Forte’s hamstring injury is serious.” Yeah, still not helping. The Bears need to treat Forte like a comic-book geek would treat a rare Jawa action figure with authentic loose vinyl cape. (Don’t act like you don’t know what that is.)


THN said...

Damn, forgot this. But the Titans are two wins from Omaha.

Diane said...

It may be time to stop sitting on the porch yelling for the kids to get off the lawn, and get on board with twitter.

How else would I know that Shawn Merriman is speaking at some school today, and plans to teach the kids his lame ass dance?

THN said...

I finally caved. But I will only Twitter while I'm on the john. Not toilet humor, mind you, but deep thoughts ... from the can.

You can look me up by my real name.