Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Weak Ender: Kendra is pregnant

Former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant. And if Hef didn't know any better, he's going to start to believe that she was fooling around on him before they broke up.

But I'm a positive person who likes to believe in the best in people, so I'll pretend that Kendra and her fiance -- Hank Baskett? Reggie Brown? DeSean Jackson? -- just recently got pregnant.

Because really, who could do that to Hef?

Hopefully they can find a way to work this child rearing into a reality show, but the happy couple will likely just keep a low profile about the whole thing.

SPEAKING OF porn and football, Zero Tolerance Entertainment wants to place ads on the Texans' practice uniforms. ZTE is in the adult entertainment business. Not sure why anybody in the NFL would object to this since the league has been screwing the fans for years.

And that's not the weirdest thing to happen this week.

Rush Limbaugh could end up being the new owner of the St. Louis FC. And yet, it's still an improvement over Frontandrearie. One of my dear friends has been a life long FC fan, supporting the new branch in St. Louis. Can't even imagine what this is doing to him.

If Limbaugh is really interested in purchasing the FC, you could probably imagine many Missourians ready to help the team move out of town.

DEREK FISHER finally silenced the Lakers haters for good. Well, at least for this season. The Lakers won the NBA title on Thursday night, closing out the Magic in overtime for the second time in the series. Sure the Lakers need to win one more game, but the Magic are not winning three consecutive games. And they are not winning consecutive games in Los Angeles.

At least J.J. Manning is taking after his father's winning ways. He could find a dominating defense or Dominic Rhodes to gravy-train off.

Can't wait to see if Kobe comes out with a flow to challenge Shaq's "Tell me how my ass tastes."

CHAD OCHOCINCO did not get tattoos on his face, duping everybody into believing he had gone street rat crazy. Well, crazier. It's not like anybody thought Ochocinco was an intelligent guy anyway. But still, if you are on Twitter -- which my pals Lumps and Marc created -- you should follow his page.

ESPN THE Magazine is going to do an issue with sporting nudes, tastefully done. Of course. Yeah, this has been done before. Nobody cares. But it will be called the Body Issue. And if that's the case, Jessie Ventura had better be on that cover.

MARK SANCHEZ signed his deal with the Jets. No use getting too far ahead because the Super Bowl Buzz Kill will be starting soon. But, at least the top two quarterbacks picked are signed and ready for camp. That should give them a fighting chance.

AND FINALLY, probably the worst news possible in the Nick Adenhart car crash. The driver, Courtney Stewart had been drinking according to the OC Weekly. Not sure how this plays into everything. She wasn't legally drunk for a person of age, but was drunk for a minor. Stewart's mother was really damning of the driver that struck her daughter's car. But in some respects, this could have easily been reversed. This thing could get a whole lot uglier.


Robster said...

I was wonder who inked a flaccid whatever on Chad's face on that picture I saw on the Internet, then I realized it was the state of Florida.

Looking forward to the Buzz Kill. My favorite time of the year.

Diane said...

Not everybody should have babies.

WCT said...
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WCT said...

Kendra is not hot at all

THN said...

If you didn't know her personality or hear her voice you wouldn't think she's pretty? Come on.

Jerry MD said...