Monday, June 01, 2009

Wake Up People, This Ain't Little League

LeBron James is getting a lot of heat today because he refused to shake hands or talk to the media following the Cavs' Game 6 loss to the Magic.

Reporters, of course, are more butt hurt because he wouldn't answer questions. Hey media, get over it. Do you think he would have said anything interesting anyway? AT least by ignoring the press, he gave you guys something to talk about today.

But the fans griping over his lack of a handshake really need to reevaluate their lives. What message is he sending to the kids? A great one. Society is going into the crapper because of participation ribbons, and trophies just for showing up every day. That's not life. Life has winners and losers, and the people who hate to lose generally do better than those who don't mind losing at all.

You know, the pilot of the Enola Gay didn't go over and shake hands with the Japanese. But that was America's greatest generation.

And you know, I'm tired of watching a game -- like the Super Bowl, AFC/NFC Championship games in particular -- where these meatheads play grabass after a close loss. I don't want to see Donovan McNabb mugging it up with members of the Cardinals after his team loses in the NFC Championship Game.


I would much rather see a guy who cares so much; hates to lose so much that he storms off the court. That to me is a guy I would love to see representing my team. So if he doesn't want to shake hands, I say congratulations to you for at least sharing my feelings on losing.


Robster said...

Agreed. Only in hockey should teams shake each others hands after beating the crap out of each other for seven games.

When was the last time we saw two baseball teams shake hands after a walk-off home run? Never happened.

DAWUSS said...


When I win, I'm ready to celebrate. When I lose, I want to GTFO there. Don't ask me to contain myself and shake the other team's hands.

The Hatriot said...

Oh, so THAT'S why you have a poster of Isaiah Thomas over your bed!