Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vote for Suzuki

One of Jon Wilhite's closest friends is current Oakland A's catcher Kurt Suzuki. Both men were Cal State Fullerton teammates, and fellow walk-ons together in 2004. Suzuki has spearheaded an effort to raise money for Wilhite's rehabilitation with a auction that you can find here.

You might notice that Jonathan Papelbon has donated a jersey to auction. So there goes another one of the players we love to hate turning out to be a good guy. Papelbon played at Goodwin Field as a member of Mississippi State (or so I have been told). I think it's fair to say that we will continue to root against Papelbon on the field, but have to applaud the guy for his efforts here. Instead, we'll just have to hate Josh Beckett.

Wilhite has fans to vote Suzuki for the All-Star game as a thank you for all of his efforts.


Diane said...

Suzuki has put together a nice collection for the auction - good on him.

I'd vote for him but when I logged on to yesterday to vote for Torii Hunter, I was told that I'm not eligible to vote. Is it my age? (they ask for your birthdate) or my listed favorite team? (the Angels)

THN said...

Probably both.

Diane said...

I gotta learn when to lie about these things. Next time, I'll log on as if I was Alyssa Milano.

THN said...

Then it would automatically fill your ballot out with Dodgers and guys in the league she's dated.