Monday, June 08, 2009

The Post Mortem: This One's For Jon

Former Cal State Fullerton captain Jon Wilhite was at Goodwin Field on Saturday to watch the Titans sweep Louisville out of the college baseball playoffs. Wilhite was the lone survivor of the crash that took the lives for Nick Adenhart, former Fullerton cheerleader Courtney Stewart and Henry Pearson. Wilhite was on the field to congratulate the team following the victory.

The Titans are often one of those sentimental teams, being one of the few non-BCS teams able to compete with the big boys in college baseball. Scratch that, Fullerton is the big boy of college baseball despite not being a BCS-team, but still have that scrappy underdog persona.

With the Titans reaching the College World Series for the seventh time in the 11 years of the Super Regional era (the most of any school), expect to hear a lot about Jon. And expect it to get real dusty in my living room.

SPEAKING OF winners, the Lakers cruised to a 2-0 series lead over the Magic. Nothing to worry here, right? Holy lord, who was guarding that guy on the final play of regulation? Was that Kobe’s man? But Mamba was too busy making angry faces and getting stripped by that dirty Euro to get back and play some defense around the rim.

And how many personality changes is Kobe going to undergo during his Lakers career. He went from the kid, to the Rapist, to that Tatted G and now he has that ridiculous scowl that even Jonathan Papelbon would find disturbing. Really, the underbite? Come on. The guy has gone through as many transformations during his career than Madonna. So much so, that I’m surprised that he hasn’t started talking with a fake English accent.

(Or as Diane pointed out on my Twitter page) he hasn’t started adopting kids from Africa yet. Hold on D, that might be coming soon.

This series is close to being over, though. If the Lakers take one game in Orlando, it’s done. There is no way that the Magic are going to win two games in Los Angeles to win the title.

Hopefully the Lakers put a merciful end to this series on Tuesday, but come on, does anybody believe that we won’t see a 2-2 series heading into next Sunday? Book it.

HOW CAN the Vikings put a deadline on Brett Favre? We are all enjoying this so much. We need the Favre Watch to last through the summer. But honestly, he needs to come back. Can't imagine another season of Tarvaris Jackson being a starting quarterback.

CAN YOU believe that Jimmy Johnson was in Jerry Jones' luxury sweet for the opening of Cowboys Stadium? Could it be Mia's Part II? And if you don't get that reference, well, can't help you out there.

AND FINALLY, well, this is the revenge for the Rock of Love Bus.


Diane said...

I seriously thought the Bret Michaels thing was a gag, but I was wrong. He just really is that big of a numbskull.

Sun Devil said...

That's SUN DEVIL Henry Pearson. Rest in peace, fellow Devil.

CSF is not "the big boy" of NCAA Baseball. CSF split with ASU this year, and couldn't even win its conference.

However, a CSF - ASU World Series would be epic. I'd be down to bet the first five rounds at the Fremont on that, or maybe just some cash for the tables to earn the five rounds...