Monday, June 22, 2009

The Post Mortem: Duval a hero?

David Duval’s run for the U.S. Open title brought out the full hyperbole of those who follow sports, calling it courageous and heart tugging. Duval was once thought to be a challenger of Tiger Woods, but fell off the map of the golfing world. Meaning that this story should have been a real tear-jerker. Until you realize one thing.

The dude plays golf for a living.

I don’t care how tough your life has become. I don’t care if you went from the No. 2 ranking in the world to No. 922. You are playing golf for a living.

Give your average schulb the opportunity to play golf for a living and most would gladly take it.

Have a tough day at the office? Who cares you are golfing. If you miss the cut, great, four day weekend!

There is no downside to finishing 65th in a tournament and then pocketing a check that is more than a lot of us making in the week.

So watching Duval out there with a new beer gut, and a lip full of dip might have been the only redeeming thing with Tiger struggling. But don’t call it courageous.

THE WEBSITE Pro Football Talk (or, Drew Rosenhaus’ personal blog … that is Michael Florio’s source) is reporting that Brett Favre has already signed a deal with the Vikings. Are we supposed to be surprised by any of this? There is no doubt that Favre and the Vikings have already agreed on the particulars. The only hangup is the arm. Favre is schedule to have an appointment with James Andrews this week to see how the arm is progressing.

ARE THEY really not going to name the new Omaha stadium Rosenblatt Stadium? Progress is one thing, but good God, you can’t put the Rosenblatt name on the new building? The ESPN announcers have been trying to justify it by saying that the College World Series is about Omaha, not necessarily Rosenblatt. That’s just ludicrous. Maybe if you are going with a different name, maybe you can go with Garrido Field or something. But it seems strange not to go with Rosenblatt. But given the lack of sentimentality in sports, it’s not really surprising.

AND FINALLY, thankfully the Dodgers were victorious on Saturday night in Anaheim. Normally, you don’t root for your team to lose, but if it is going to impact your wellbeing, well, you root for your life at that point. But to be perfectly frank, the Dodgers fans sitting on the club level on Saturday night were almost hospitable. We waxed poetic about the Lakers recent triumphs and how nearly everybody in the crowd on Saturday was watching that parade and cheering on the world champions later in the week.

And then some Dodgers fan starts throwing punches and nearly pushes a guy off the club level during an altercation, and all of that went away.

And as a reminder, start getting in the habit of dropping the “blogspot” off this site’s name.


Robster said...

Dude, did you see the fight between the Yankees and Marlins fans? The little girl crying...that's why I don't go to games anymore. Only a freaking animal picks a fight in someone else's crib on Father's Day.

Sun Devil said...

Fuck Rosenblatt. Full of heartbreak.

Fletch said...

"There is no downside to finishing 65th in a tournament and then pocketing a check that is more than a lot of us making in the week."

Try month, not week.

You could call it courageous to still be wearing wrap-around shades in 2009, though...