Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eric Dickerson can suck it

Eric Dickerson does not have a lot of love for Los Angeles. Still, to this day. (From TMZ.com, via Profootballtalk.com)

“First of all, L.A. don’t deserve a team,” Dickerson said. “They ain’t gonna support it.”

Dickerson then made an analogy.

“L.A. is like a bad kid,” Dickerson said. “[H]is ball is laying over there, he don’t wanna play with the ball. But when . . . somebody else picks the ball up, then he wants the ball.”

Dickerson then explained the success of the Lakers thusly: “When the Lakers are winning, it’s crowded. But when the Lakers are losing, you could roll a stick of dynamite in there and blow up nothing but the floor.”

He’s dead wrong about the Lakers. That team has always and will continue to always draw. And the Lakers will never be bad. The organization just won’t allow it. The Dodgers also draw three million people no matter what their record is. Orange County was supportive of the Rams, too.

But what could have sparked this outburst? Why was it particularly aimed at the Lakers? Still pissed at Georgia Frontandrearie/John Shaw for never giving him his money?

My guess is that Dickerson is still peeved that he wasn’t beloved in Southern California like Magic Johnson was during his tenure. Like Wayne Gretzky was when he arrived in town after Dickerson had left. The jealously is obviously still there.

Part of the problem, of course, could have been that Eric Dickerson was, well, a dick. Nobody liked him. Even Rams fans had a hard time warming up to the guy. I own an Eric Dickerson jersey, but it’s not like I would ever want to spend any amount of time with him.

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Anonymous said...

He went south for more dough, to a new league, loser, only in it for the money, driving his pearl flake tacky ass Mercedes down the 55 freeway, loser. Oh yes, where is he now?