Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Danica Patrick Winning Me Over

Danica Patrick has created a firestorm -- or at least what counts as a firestorm in Indy racing -- by admitting that she would be willing to take steroids if it would give her an edge in racing.

And yeah, you are starting to get those "think of the children" messages from the teetotalers out there. But this is making me warm up to the broad.

It's not that she is willing to cheat. Though, that's cool. No, it's just refreshing to hear somebody actually be honest about the whole thing. Let's face it, probably every professional athlete is on something. Weed, roids or blow. They are all doing something. Even the dude who won the Indy 500 won't pay his taxes.

So it's not surprising that Patrick would cheat, but that she just comes right out and says it. That kind of honesty is refreshing.

Speaking of cheaters, Rodney Harrison has retired from the NFL. Harrison is one of the few NFL players who admitted to taking HGH. And again, all NFL players are taking stuff. So when Harrison came out and admitted to using (sure he was caught), you have to admire the honesty compared to a guy like Roger Clemens who will never admit it even though he was caught.

Harrison will be debated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and he probably should get in. You can't tell the history of the NFL without mentioning Harrison's name. If for no other reason, Harrison should get into the Hall for giving rise to the Kurt Warner Machine.

If Harrison doesn't take out Trent Green in 1999, there is likely no KWM and frankly, the world would be worse. Maybe not if you were a stem-cell, but still, the world wouldn't be as good.

So Rodney, you get into the Hall.


DAWUSS said...

If all NFL players are taking stuff, what are the Mannings on?

THN said...

She's pretty good on the magazine cover.

Dawuss, did you ever decide on a school?

Robster said...

I'm cool with Danica. Even with the Boost Mobile commercial where she autographs man boobs.

As for Rodney, he's one of the biggest Richards I know. When I was in retail sales, he visited my store at least a half dozen times and was always in a foul mood. I don't think it had anything to do with the Bolts sucking back in the beginning of the decade. Dude had a cinder block on his shoulder and was never happy.

Good riddance, Rodney.

Bokolis said...

I'm not sure I agree on Rodney, but agree on everything else. Danica's candor about cheating is conditioning for her upcoming NASCAR career.

The Hatriot said...

You know, I pay about as much attention to racing as I do to any other sport where half the "athletes" can't do a pull up. Does the reason Patrick is willing to cheat have anything to do with the fact it'd give her a chance to actually win something before her rack winds up around her belly button?

My verification word is "unopac" and let me tell you, if you haven't heard "Todos Ojos A Me" you need to bump that shit!

Billy Sportstake said...

Apparently you don't watch South Park!