Monday, June 15, 2009

Brett Favre is coming back. Maybe.

Brett Favre is coming back to the NFL.


The enigmatic quarterback appeared on Joe Buck Live on HBO and admitted that he was considering a return to the NFL, and that the Minnesota Vikings would make the most sense because of the offense that Brad Childress runs.

And yes, he knows that you are all growing tired of "Favre watch."

Favre, speaking for the first time since speculation began about his return, did clear up some rumors that had been circling recently. Favre confirmed that he had surgery 2-and-a-half weeks ago with Dr. James Andrews to repair his damaged shoulder. Favre also confirmed that a Vikings trainer visited him in Mississippi to go over some stretching and strengthening exercises for his shoulder.

Favre was even asked to attend the Vikings Organized Team Activities but chose not to attend because he did not want to create a media frenzy. Especially if his shoulder does not completely heel.

That injured shoulder will ultimately determine if Favre will return or not. Favre said that he gutted through the pain last season with the Jets, but would not go through that again.

But the Vikings? Favre said that it would be strange to wear the purple of the Vikings but pointed out that Vince Lombardi went to the Redskins and nobody called him a traitor.

Then again, NFL Network's Scott Hanson wasn't parked in front of Lombardi's house reporting about his flirtation with the Redskins.

Favre might have summed it up best though with one of his closing remarks, "It's football. It's not life and death."

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